How do I use an electric shaver

Electric shavers: systems in comparison

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Which razor fits best also depends on your own beard growth.

When buying an electric razor, you can choose between so-called foil razors and rotary razors. Which devices are most suitable depends, among other things, on the sensitivity of the skin and the growth of the beard.


This is how a rotary razor works

Three rotating blades move in a rotary razor. You cut the beard hair on all sides. The faster the blades rotate in the razor, the faster and more thorough the shave.

The devices are particularly suitable for relatively short beards with a lot of turbulence, for example for three-day beards. When shaving, you should move the device over the skin in circular motions, if possible. If you have sensitive skin, however, rotary razors can initially cause slight irritation.

This is how a foil razor works

The foil razor is suitable for beard hair with little turbulence. It consists of a cutter block and a shaving foil on top. It protects the skin from irritation and cuts. When shaving, the razor should be moved as straight as possible so that the shaving surface comes to the beard hair.

Clean the shaver regularly

There is a cleaning station for many modern electric shavers. In it, the razor is disinfected with an alcohol solution. The blades should also be freed from stubble regularly with a brush and treated with so-called shaving head oil.

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