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We are not only engaged in the production of standardized woodworking machines, but we also offer complete delivery of the requested technological equipment, including professional service, in connection with specialist customer advice. Does none of our typed machines meet your needs? Do you have to adapt the machines to create a complete wood center, or do you have other requirements? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to adapt our products to your needs and in this direction we offer you effective solutions to meet your wishes and requirements.

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Mr. Marcel Pergler, the managing director of Pine.


  Durability + Reliability. Real industrial machine, exactly what we expected, it's not as if ... If all machines worked like yours, the world would be beautiful. ”We quote Mr. Marcel Pergler, the managing director of Pinie.

      Jiří Trojek, managing director of VETR-Trojek s.r.o.


 “Even at the beginning of our interest in this saw, it was clear, thanks to your company and the mediation by Mr. Babinec with his professional approach, that we had made a good decision.

I have to say that the saw completely met our expectations, both from the point of view of reducing physical stress and from the point of view of Labor saving and optimization the lumber yield.

Over the course of those 10 years we've had with the saw no major problems, and if there were any little things, Mr. Škorpík was there, who solved everything professionally and to our satisfaction. During the most intensive production time, we have approx 350 - 400 cubic meters of sawn timber processed into semi-finished products for garden furniture and that were mostly just trellis battens. That means it had to go Thousands Cuts go

Mr. Štrunc, production manager


Overall, we and, above all, our employees are satisfied with the machine. The machine is operated by only one, occasionally by two employees and all in all, this machine has saved us energy and increased productivity. And that was the expected intention of the investment. ", said Mr. Štrunc, production manager

Artificial intelligence and our way there.

We recently did an interview for Google to learn about our journey to artificial intelligence, high capacity palletizing and vision, among other things. However, we are already looking forward to offering you a small tasting
Artificial intelligence and our way there.

Nailing machine for the lids - 9 pieces per minute?!

See how our deck machine can handle it! Flexible electronically adjustable system for quick expansion and product range changes. Do you hammer by hand? Do you need lids, two-way pallets without investing in the entire high-performance line
Nailing machine for the lids - 9 pieces per minute?!

Woodworker! New video is ready for you!

In the world of woodworkers, we meet those of you who want a complete idea of ​​which tool from our "workshop" will be most helpful in your work efficiently, quickly and effortlessly.
Woodworker! New video is ready for you!

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Do you not know what to do with the selection of the machine or the spare part? Do you need service? Do you have any other question? Then do not hesitate and call or write to us ...


Our company Störi Mantel s.r.o. has been in the woodworking machinery market for more than 24 years. The story goes back further into the past, namely to the year 1947, when Mr. Fritz Störi Senior founded the company Störi Ent in Switzerland. Co. was founded. Their production activities were subsequently expanded to include the manufacture of woodworking machines, which have been manufactured in the Czech Republic since 1995.

In our manufacturing plant in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm we have focused on the production of the so-called rip saw with a movable unit - today's rip saws. At the present time we are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of this technology in Europe.

Continuous development together with the precise construction and production processing and with the product quality itself have enabled us to implement new machines and equipment, and not only in the area of ​​the woodworking industry.

In this direction, the portfolio of machines manufactured by us has gradually expanded to include both the model series of cross-cut saws with the feeder and the range for pallet manufacturers - complete palletizing technology for the production, processing and stacking of the pallets. The so far last finished novelty embodies the vacuum manipulator, which enables our customers to expand the mechanization of the manipulation with the material.