What do you mean by software costs

IT strategy

According to Gartner analysts, global software spending will be $ 332 billion this year. If companies followed three best practices when it came to license optimization, they could significantly reduce their costs.

Gartner recommends optimizing the software configuration first. In particular, the products of large providers are expensive and come with complicated usage rights. In the data center environment in particular, IT managers should deal intensively with the preconfiguration, as this is usually not designed for the benefit of the customer. Millions of euros could be saved here with larger installations.

Recycle licenses

As a second tip to reduce license, support and maintenance costs, Gartner recommends "recycling" licenses. In many companies there were unused licenses, but new ones were being bought at the same time. If the license optimization process is improved - and this is urgently required in most cases - large sums of money could be saved. A measurement method is required for this in order to identify unused software, as well as software that is rarely used or used inappropriately. Some users would have installed software without ever using it. Software asset management (SAM) tools or client management tools could help.

Use SAM tools

Using SAM tools is also Gartner's third tip: Controlling and optimizing complex licenses by hand is far too labor-intensive and costly. Proceeding like this requires specialist knowledge and does not "scale". Larger companies would therefore need a SAM tool with which such processes could be accelerated and automated. Analysts say that investments at this point almost always pay off. (hv)