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The best ringtone apps for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

With these Android ringtones, you'll also look forward to a call from your in-laws: Here we've put together the best ringtones, alarms and sounds that the Play Store currently has to offer.

It wasn't that long ago that ringtones were advertised on television. In shrill and intrusive spots, ghastly animated aliens roared into the living room to techno music, and advertised headache pills in addition to nasty earwigs.

Fortunately, nobody has to do that to themselves anymore, and anyone who still pays for ringtones today is to blame anyway: They are now available for free on every corner, the selection in the Play Store alone is hard to oversee. But nobody has to fight their way through the acoustic thicket themselves: We have looked around for you and put together the best representatives of the genre. Here you will find the right ringtone for every taste, for every mood and for every one of your contacts.

Animal lovers, for example, use animals: ring tones, the app comes true to its name with a full selection of animal voices, chants and fervent calls from the forest, meadow or jungle. With high-quality audio tracks and beautiful HD photos, browsing is fun.

We can also serve fans of classical music here: With Best Classical Ringtones and Classical Music Ringtones, two free collections await you, with many beautiful excerpts from the works of the most famous composers in the world.

Also strong: If you don't hear your own device ringing or if you don't really wake up in the morning from the mobile phone alarm clock, you can use loud ring tones: The app only contains particularly loud sounds and alarms that can still be heard in the presence of ambient noise.

And anyone who unwillingly receives a call from people they don't even want to speak to will of course find a suitable ringtone in our selection. With Scary Rngtones you have the choice between around 100 scary sounds and melodies, which will transport you straight to the horror cabinet the next time you call. When the boss, a landlord or the in-laws call, you start the conversation in the right mood - or you just don't go there.