Why do people use verbal cues

Verbal communication - the key to mutual understanding

Everyday professional life is simply inconceivable without verbal communication. It is important to make arrangements, give work instructions, document processes and much more. The aim of communication at work is to build a good relationship with superiors, colleagues and customers, to work together as efficiently as possible in a team and of course to optimally bring in your own professional skills.

The type of communication that is appropriate in each case depends on various factors. It is based on both Reason for the conversation as well as after the professional relationship, in which the interlocutors stand to each other. A conversation between boss and employee follows different rules than the technical exchange between colleagues of equal status or a crisis discussion in a team. The ability to correctly assess the respective situation and its requirements and to be able to communicate clearly and purposefully accordingly is one of the soft skills that play a decisive role for successful cooperation.

In addition, there are always again Occasions that require special communication skillsrequire. These include B. job interviews, presentations, employee interviews or leading meetings. The best way to behave in these situations can be found in our advice articles.