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Alex Di Capri: Southern pop singer

The singer Alex Di Capri is new to the hit industry. With his single "Come together", which was released on July 1, 2016, he exudes lightness and joie de vivre. And that doesn't come from anywhere: his southern roots and temperament shape his music. SchlagerPlanet interviewed the singer and talked to him about his music and his career so far.

SP: How long have you been making music?

Alex Di Capri:“I started early musical education at the Fulda Music School at the age of three, and luckily my parents recognized my love for music at an early age. From an early age I felt an inner need to entertain my fellow human beings with my singing or dancing. My mother always likes to tell the story of how my father gave me a drum kit. I was only two years old. He actually brought it back, he saw with a smile on his face that I was still too small for that, but he bought me my first accordion when I was six. I've had piano lessons since I was 5 and I've been singing since I can speak. I had my first appearances on television when I was 14 and when I was 15 I had my first major tour as a singer in Australia. "

SP: At what point in your life did you know you wanted to make music professionally?

Alex Di Capri:“I never had any other thoughts on choosing a career. I wanted to go on stage as a very little boy. "

SP: How did you get into German-language music?

Alex Di Capri:“I was born in Germany and grew up with German music culture. I love the diversity and also the beauty of the German language. I have always found the variety of musical influences in the last 15 years that the German musical landscape has been able to experience exciting. To realize that there are no limits to experimentation was a great insight for me. "

SP: How would you describe your music and yourself as a person in three words?

Alex Di Capri:"Joyful, fiery, positive."

SP: Which moment in your career do you particularly remember?

Alex Di Capri:"The moment when, as a 15-year-old, I performed in front of thousands of spectators for the first time and I knew that this moment would be broadcast live."

SP: What plans and dreams do you have for your future?

Alex Di Capri:“I try to turn my dreams into plans, and I am happy when plans become reality. Standing on stage, inspiring people with music, bringing people together with the help of music, singing, dancing and celebrating together are wonderful visions of the future. If I can move masses at the same time, that is very lucky for me. "

SP: Which star would you like to perform with or record a song with?

Alex Di Capri:“I know the guys from voXXclub personally well, they are great musicians with an incredible amount of power and musical creativity. You are certainly going in a completely different direction than I am, but a 'teamwork' could certainly be a particularly creative challenge here. "

SP: Which musicians did you inspire? What kind of music do you listen to privately?

Alex Di Capri:“I was very much inspired by Elvis Presley, Peter Alexander and Prince. They all have an absolute uniqueness in common, which I admire. In my private life I mainly listen to Latino music, but I also always enjoy classical music. "

SP: Where have you had a particularly nice performance so far?

Alex Di Capri:“There were a lot of nice places there. The Opera in Sydney, the Royal Albert Hall in London, the stage in front of the Brandenburg Gate, in front of the Cathedral in Barcelona, ​​in front of the City Hall in Vienna - all of these backdrops were breathtaking! "

SP: Which performances / events are you planning this year?

Alex Di Capri:“There are still a few. First of all, I'm going to Fuerth for the fan mile in July, then to Bad Gandersheim and to Rügen for a one-hour open air performance. "

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