What color is Ed Sheeran's hair

Ed Sheeran has been advised to dye his red hair black for success

According to his manager Stuart Camp, the exceptional British talent was advised in 2010 to prefer to dye his red hair so that he could be better marketed worldwide.

Parents thanked them
Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful British musicians of all time, can call his own four number one albums and has sold out world tours several times. On stage he always clung to his guitar and confessed in interviews that he would feel “naked” without the instrument. The sympathetic young man with the red hair also got rid of a stigma and could stand up for all people who have the same hair color. It even got to the point that parents thanked the now 29-year-old, who offered their children new opportunities.

“I never really liked [the] school, but I wasn't a bad student, rather mediocre. [...] I think everyone has had experiences with bullying at some point, whether at school or outside. Since I left school, not really, ”Sheeran told“ Quiez ”and added in an interview with“ Q ”magazine:“ Parents of children with red hair often come up to me and say, 'It's cool, red To have hair. ' I was bullied at school for it, it was the most noticeable thing about me. Today everyone loves Prince Harry and Rupert Grint [Harry Potter star]. "

Manager speaks up
Some bosses in the music business did not believe that Ed Sheeran would ever be celebrated for his red hair. Instead, the British should have been advised before his big breakthrough to part with his natural color and to dye it. At least that's what his manager Stuart Camp, who signed the exceptional talent in 2011, confessed. On the “Straight Up” podcast, the Londoner stated, “The other management actually resigned from him because they said he was going to get nowhere. He should leave the loop pedal in the closet, dye his hair black and give up rapping. "

Im so bored I looked up "ed sheeran with black hair" and was not dissapointed pic.twitter.com/1LASo6INKu

- Syd (@haridahesti_syd) September 18, 2015

New music is coming
Camp also said that fans of Sheeran can look forward to new material soon: after Ed fathered little Lyra, he was seemingly incredibly creative and completed “an album or two”.

“We started recording again. We will most likely release a CD by this time next year. I have already looked at a piece of paper on which the tracklist for one album after the next was written. […] He's always ahead in an album or two, ”added the manager. You can listen to the complete podcast again here: