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Recover a password - these are your options

The safe and unambiguous Identification of a person is one of the many problems that arise from the Internet. How can someone prove that it is really he and not someone else who is executing an order?

Most providers do this through Passwords. The system of access codes is common, but also relies on the care of the user. With all the accesses, it can happen that a Forgot your password or lost it in some other way.

However, this is usually not a reason to panic, because: If the corresponding metadata has been recorded, users can with a little help Recover password. The following is a summary of the options available.

Which password was forgotten and where was it cached?

This is quite important when it comes to recovering a password. Because sometimes lost access data can be recovered relatively quickly - unexpected complications can just as easily arise.

The next question is whether - and if so, where - that affected password was cached. Do you have a e-mail or Text message with your password? You may use one Password safe or did you use another storage option on any device? Depending on how or from what you need to recover a password, there are different ways and means.

Note: Especially when it comes to having to restore a password, the technical possibilities often change on the border of the illegal.

Because any such mechanism can of course also be misused. Corresponding programs are often used by Anti-virus systems therefore as malicious software classified.

How users can recover a password

Verification by email address / phone number

This is not a password recovery in that sense, but a simple way to quickly regain access to your own profiles. Many providers work with one Verification via an email account and / or telephone number, which can be used to identify yourself in the event of a lost password.

Read out encrypted passwords in the e-mail inbox

This ties in with the same facts as the first point: The majority of all communication and identification is ongoing via e-mail. Anyone who registers for a service is sometimes sent a confirmation email including the password that has been set. However, these are usually made unrecognizable - for good reason, after all, spying should be prevented.

With special programs it is possible to have the password restored - by making the illegible passwords readable.

Retrieve storage in Internet browser

Every common internet browser offers the possibility Save passwords and fill them in again automatically when you visit the site again - which means that the corresponding passwords have to be saved.

Data on the PC drive

Certain credentials are not (only) stored in the browser history, but on the Hard drive of the computer deposited itself. This includes, for example, certain network access or a WiFi password. Since the PCs have already logged into certain systems, corresponding accesses are also recorded.

Last resort: contact the provider

If nothing went well and you were unable to recover your password, then the can still be Contact the provider of the respective service. As a rule, there are always contact points for this, such as customer services and the like.

Depending on which access is involved, action must also be taken promptly - for example, if you have to restore your e-mail password. Depending on the circumstances, the relevant accounts should be frozen or blocked immediately, if possible.

In addition, no attempt should be made to “try out” all too different variants in the registration field: On the one hand, with certain services only limited login attempts on the other hand, this could be classified as an attempted hack by the provider itself.

Make sure you are using a harmless program!

Most of the above options are required special software. There are a number of offers that can restore a password. The spectrum ranges very broad: from free to paid service, from legally harmless to illegal. If you have to take advantage of a corresponding program, it is essential to find out about it beforehand legal classification! Otherwise you can quickly face sanctions - because that Spying out data is prohibited according to Section 202a of the Criminal Code (StGB):

(1) Anyone who gains unauthorized access to data that is not intended for them and that are specially secured against unauthorized access by overcoming the access security will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years or with a fine.

(2) Data within the meaning of paragraph 1 are only those that are stored or transmitted electronically, magnetically or otherwise in a manner that is not immediately perceptible.

Since such technical processes can sometimes be quite complex, these penalties include a lot of activities. Such “spying on data” not only includes knowing, reading or copying the information concerned, but also Possibility of access. Even if you just want to recover your own password, you shouldn't take any unnecessary risk. Above all, these descriptions show one thing: How a password can be recovered or cracked. The Protection of your own data on the Internet should therefore not be taken lightly!

Conclusion: How do I find my password again and how can I recover it?

  • If access data has been lost, there is a possibility of this through a Read out to metadata restore.
  • In order for you to be able to restore a password, it must be entered accordingly cached be.
  • Sometimes you will need one for the recovery process special program. When using it, keep in mind that the way it works is often legally questionable.
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Recover a password - these are your options
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