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What's new in Working Papers 2019

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The following describes the features, enhancements, and fixes in Working Papers and related products.

Here is a comprehensive list of what's new in AuditAgent 2019.00.228_R2 as a PDF file.

Working Papers


  • We have introduced a usability improvement program for Working Papers. With this program we collect usage data (on user behavior) so that we can better understand which functions within the software are used most frequently. These data are intended to be used to drive improvements to the program. No personal or client data is collected and we do not use this data for marketing purposes.

    Please note: This program, which is switched off by default, can be activated by you.

Cloud integration

  • Working Papers is now integrated into cloud queries. When you link queries to your engagement file, your company can collaborate with tenants directly in Working Papers. To create or link a query file in Working Papers, select in the ribbon Cloud | to open.

    Note: This function is only available for users who use a corresponding CW Cloud app for queries.

Data storage administrator

  • Improved performance in managing the Global Access Protection settings for large Active Directory groups.


  • Diagrams and key figures are printed out with the associated automatic document totals sheet if the Diagrams view has been activated. You can preview charts and metrics in the Side view display.

  • Changing the properties for an automated document, such as B. Period or balance type, now automatically updates the associated diagrams and key figures in the Diagram view.


  • Tasks can now be assigned to several task types. Assign all suitable task types in order to better define a task criterion and to expand the possibilities of the search function via filters.


  • Link multiple documents at once when adding a document reference to Automated Documents, Images and PDFs or Microsoft Office Documents.

SmartSync Server

  • Extension of the threshold that determines when a file is deleted on a SmartSync Server. Users can now configure their own threshold.

Fixed points

  • Known issue corrected: Various line elements in the document Control - Main financial statement overview are hidden after changing units from the context menu.

  • Fixed a known issue: Local copies of files built into Working Papers Cloud become inaccessible when working offline.

  • Known issue fixed: The dialog Cloud login appears twice when Working Papers is integrated with Working Papers Cloud.

  • Fixed known issue: Users cannot make synchronized copies of compressed parent files.

  • Fixed known issue: Diagram view only shows top-level units in a consolidated file.


Here is a comprehensive list of what's new in AuditAgent 2019.00.228_R2 as a PDF file.


  • Improved multi-user access to the library. A team of template authors can now help develop a template without leaving the files when other authors want to update them.

  • Template authors can now use mode-independent HTML dialogs with the event Open the HTML dialog to implement. With mode-independent HTML dialogs, users can continue working in the CaseView document while the dialog is open and do not have to close it first.


  • The CVIDEA cell function was added. Use this function to display information from a Working Papers IDEA .imd file in your document. If the .imd file is changed, every linked document is automatically updated.

  • The ENTABBR cell function now supports a wider range of calculations in the extended description of a consolidated unit.

History and milestones

  • Improved milestone comparison to better support the comparison of tables, images and diagrams. These objects are no longer falsified or displayed empty in the Visual comparison dialog.


  • Improved text scaling on monitors with 4K resolution.

  • A new set of icons has been added to the Quick Access Toolbar. To add a custom icon to the Quick Access Toolbar, click presentationto choose a new icon.

  • The duration of the display of tooltips has been extended, thus improving readability.


  • Improved functionality of lists in CaseView: You can now create a multilevel list with customized settings for each level of the list, including the option to switch between bulleted and numbered lists. After customizing a multilevel list, you can save it for further use in CaseView documents.

To press

  • When viewing a page preview for a document, you can now merge the contents to reduce the number of pages. This option is useful when text or tables are wrapped on the next page.


  • You can now assign or remove several rounding relations at once instead of having to do this for each one individually. In the Rounds dialog, select several rounding relations from the list and click on Assign this rounding relation to switch between assigned and removed.


  • In mode XBRL Review If you click on a cell or a paragraph, a footnote for the creator of the help content is displayed.

Fixed points

  • Known point fixed: If external documents are embedded in a CaseView document, this leads to reduced performance or to crashes.

  • Fixed known issue: In bar charts, data is displayed in the reverse order as defined.

  • Known issue fixed: CaseView documents with embedded PDFs are printed darker than expected.

  • Known issue fixed: Watermarks are not correctly centered in printed documents.

  • Fixed known issue: CaseView stops responding when trying to preview a missing document in the library.

  • Known point fixed: Exported tags are split between different XBRL elements and this leads to a syntax error.


File management

  • Execution of a year change and balance transfer for one or more local files directly from Tracker. When performing a major change of year, you can generate several new files for the new year at once.

  • If you are performing a bulk file conversion, the "Unable to convert file" dialog may not appear after converting individual files. This prevents a failed conversion from interrupting the conversion process. You can then display failed conversions in the Conversion log file.

  • The performance of scanning the local file has been streamlined to reduce completion time.

SmartSync Server

  • You can now compress and decompress SmartSync files from Tracker.

  • A confirmation dialog has been added when selecting the following commands to prevent accidental modification of SmartSync Server files:

    • Discard all synchronized copies
    • Discard certain synchronized copies
    • Clear synchronization information
    • Delete server copy
    • Repair server copy

    The summaries of the results for these commands have been improved.

  • Improved the display of information about the synchronized copies in the Location column, if the option Show SmartSync copies under Location field is activated.


Fixed points

  • Fixed known issue: Deleted SmartSync Server files are re-added to trackers when the server is scanned for files.

  • Known issue fixed: Tracker stops responding when two different versions of the application are installed on one computer.