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freelance.de is a neutral acquisition platform for freelancers in Thessaloniki and project providers in Thessaloniki from all industries. Project offers are published here and freelancers are sought for the entire German-speaking region. freelance.de offers you access to a comprehensive project and freelancer database. Initial contact between freelancers and project providers in Thessaloniki is also possible via freelance.de, as is applications for advertised projects.

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Every week, around 1,500 new projects are published on the freelance.de project exchange. Since 2007 freelance.de has been supporting freelancers, freelancers, self-employed people in Thessaloniki and companies in their search for projects or the right freelance specialist in Thessaloniki.

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The advantage of working as a freelancer, freelancer or freelancer in Thessaloniki is to be involved in innovative projects again and again. The development of a professional profile is easy for every freelancer in Thessaloniki to implement on freelance.de. Conversely, for companies it means that there are qualified freelancers who have already gained experience in projects in other companies and bring this to their own project in a worthwhile way.