How do collagen serums work

MERME Berlin is launching the world's first vegan collagen serum

Catrice, Essence and L.O.V.

The good news: all Cosnova brands are cruelty-free. Catrice has its own section on the website with all vegan products and L.O.V. marks them on their side. You can also find the relevant information for the products on the DM website, or look for the small, green vegan label on the shelf in the store.

Gosh and Wet’n’Wild

The two brands actually have nothing to do with each other, except that in Germany you get them mainly from Budni, the Nordic DM version. Here, too, the following applies: Although the products are all cruelty-free, if you are looking for vegan products, it is best to research beforehand.


If you like to spend a few euros more on a special blush or the perfect eyebrow pencil, you will often find the right thing at Nyx. Unfortunately, even the cruelty-free brand that has been around at DM for some time has a hard time labeling vegan products accordingly, so it's best to first look online to see what you want to buy.

Real Techniques

The Pixiwoo sisters Nic and Sam have not only made a name for themselves as make-up Youtubers, but also as founders of their own cruelty-free brush brand. The synthetic make-up brushes from Real Techniques are now also available from DM.


Speaking of Youtube: The squeaky-sweet shower foams from Youtuber Bibi are not only popular with their fans, but also with all other people who like to shower without animal products or animal testing.


The company, which always prints such cute stories on its colorful shower gels and body lotions, does not test on animals as a matter of principle. And in addition to body care in all possible scents, Treaclemoon now also offers vegan hand cream - without beeswax, lanolin or other nonsense.

I + M

And for everyone who likes things a little more subtle and of higher quality: I + M from Berlin. The natural cosmetics brand, which you can get from DM, among others, is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Dr. Bronner

Some love them, others just can't handle the strange packaging with the endless text. In any case: The vegan and cruelty-free soap from Dr. Bronner, with whom you can wash yourself and your clothes, brush your teeth and do a thousand other things, is also available at DM.

You can find many more vegan and cruelty-free products at