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TYPO3 page properties: tab resources

Page-specific "sources" can be specified in this area. The administrator or the supervising agency can set TYPO3 so that a separate topic image should be displayed in the header area on each page.

Files (area 01)

There are two options for integrating such a theme image:
By clicking the button Search the desired medium (or in our example the image) can be localized on your own hard drive or in the network and after saving the file name is displayed in the Media displayed. Provided ImageMagick is installed - this is free software for creating and editing raster graphics - a preview image is generated and displayed in the right-hand area.

Instead of ImageMagick can also do the GD2 library come into use.

Alternative procedure: Instead of the corresponding picture above SearchTo upload the image to the server, it is advisable to first use the module File list in the left side tree to a suitable directory on the web server and then via the folder icon to the right of the field Media to localize and integrate on the server. This means that all images used are available to you and other editors in a central location on the web server. For more information, see File List - Files and Folders on the Web Server.

General data set collection (area 02)

The content to be specified here is usually global pages that are used to store content such as Templates, front-end users or News content serve. A system folder is usually selected for this. This setting option is usually not relevant for editors.

TypoScript configuration (area 03)

This field is reserved for administrators and is normally not accessible to editors. TypoScript is TYPO3's in-house scripting language.