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1,200 km escape from Corona by bike: the lionheart girl

Because of the lockdown, they couldn't survive in the city. Jyoti rode his bike and her father on the back for seven days back to her village.

Unbending: Jyoti Kumari Paswan Photo: Ani / Reuters

MUMBAItaz | She looks into the camera with a determined look. Jyoti Kumari Paswan's hands are firmly on the handlebars of her bike. She wears a thin red Dupatta scarf over her shoulder and chest, and her father is sitting on her porter with a face mask. Your journey begins in Gurgaon, a satellite city in the catchment area of ​​the Indian capital New Delhi. The 15-year-old will cycle 1,200 kilometers in one week.

“I had no other choice,” says Paswan. Since strict exit restrictions have been in place in India because of the corona virus since the end of March and therefore no public transport is used, she swings on her new pink women's bike with a basket. It was an investment: it cost the equivalent of $ 20.

Her injured father Mohan Paswan, who worked as a rickshaw driver before an accident, is sitting on the luggage rack. Usually he supports the rest of the family who stayed in the village with this activity. But without work and support, the two have no chance of surviving in Gurgaon during the corona pandemic. The landlord threatened to throw her out. Many people in India are currently feeling the same as father and daughter: many have lost their jobs, can no longer pay their rent, and cannot buy enough to eat. Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are trying to get back to their villages from the cities.

In fact, Jyoti Kumari Paswan and her father make it to their home village of Darbhanga in the northern Indian state of Bihar. Except for a short ride on a truck, she cycled 160 kilometers every day. On the way, she borrows cell phones to assure her mother over the phone that everything will be fine. And it turned out fine. Indian and international media celebrate her as the “lionheart girl” after her successful return home - it was her instinct for survival that made her do it and massive gaps in the social system.

Numerous offers

In response to her unusual trip, she received numerous offers: The Indian cycling association wants to invite her to a test for the national team, including a train ticket to Delhi. A school would like to give the school dropout another chance. Indeed, these would be ways of escaping poverty - provided Paswan not only accepts, but exists. What we don't know, however, is how many people have done similar things unnoticed in the past two months.

As luck would have it, at least Jyoti Kumari Paswan will be discovered - and will hopefully not be held up as a role model for her fighting spirit for just a short moment. Many athletic talents in India were finally discovered by accident. Maybe that's how the story of Jyoti Kumari Paswan ends? Or does she graduate from school? I wish you both. An Indian bank gave her at least the equivalent of 365 euros and offered to finance her training.

But now the family is reunited for the time being and Paswan is recovering from the rigors of the two-week quarantine at home.