Can you watch Silicon Valley on Netflix

Does "Silicon Valley" run on Netflix? The series in the stream

In “Silicon Valley”, the cradle of technology centers, Richard Hendriks also wants to get started as a developer. We'll tell you whether the series is available on Netflix.

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Richard Hendriks (Thomas Middleditch) is a brilliant software developer. He wrote a revolutionary compression algorithm that opens many doors for him. Should he sell it for millions of dollars or set up his own start-up? Of course, that's not the only problem Richard has to deal with. Even though his flat-share colleagues are no less brilliant, they still have something else in common: They are socially incompetent and strange outsiders.

In six seasons with 53 episodes we follow Richard's career path in "Silicon Valley". He has to defend himself against companies, endure self-centered company bosses and assert himself on his way to the top. But can fans immerse themselves in the technology world of “Silicon Valley” on Netflix?

"Silicon Valley" not available on Netflix? These are your alternatives:

"Silicon Valley" is currently not available on Netflix. Whether the series will find its way to Netflix in the future is still in the stars. The American comedy series from HBO is definitely worth the wait if none of the alternatives are available. Unfortunately, she is not represented on free TV at the moment.

The current streaming providers for “Silicon Valley” can be found on our overview page at any time.

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What alternatives does Netflix offer to "Silicon Valley"?

If you want to watch stories like those of the lovable nerds from "Silicon Valley" on Netflix, you will not be disappointed by the popular streaming site. Netflix makes some comedy series with likeable outsiders available:

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