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Le Monde CivilThe magazine about community service

"Le Monde Civil" is THE magazine for all civilians, for all those who want to become one, for emergency operations, peace movements and everyone who is interested in civil society. "Le Monde Civil" is published in two languages ​​(German and French) by CIVIVA, the Swiss umbrella organization for community service, and appears four times a year.

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The earlier journals of the advice center ("Civil Courage"), the Association of Swiss Civil Service Providers ("Il mund civilist") and the Permanence Service Civil are integrated in "Le Monde Civil".


Some considerations on the worsening of the civil service law, possible tunnel vision and the armaments report of the weekly newspaper woz. By Gregor Szyndler

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The Swiss Civil Service Association CIVIVA is committed to maintaining and expanding community service. Community service is a service to society. It is not only the young service providers who benefit from this, everyone benefits from it!

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