How many watts is 25 miles per hour

The obsolete unit of performance that Horsepower [PS], is still often used in common parlance today, especially in the automotive sector. The designation Horsepower goes back to the time of the industrial revolution, with which one wanted to illustrate the performance of the steam engine.

Today's unit of power is the official SI unit watt [W] or its multiple thereof, for example kilowatt [kW]. Since January 1, 2010, the sole specification of PS (and all other non-SI units) is no longer permitted in the entire EU.

km / h:
The unit of measurement kilometers per hour [km / h] (colloquially also kilometers per hour) is mainly used to indicate speed in road traffic and is based on the SI unit of speed, meters per second [m / s].

A unit of measure of speed miles per hour or in English miles per hour [mph]. Mostly used in English-speaking countries, such as the UK and the US. There is mph the common unit of measurement for speed limits.

The millimeter [mm] is a thousandth of a meter [m].

The inch, or in the English-speaking area too inch called [in] or ["], is an old unit of measurement (the width of a thumb). While many different dimensions were common in the past, only the inch, which in 1956 was the international or English inch (25.4 mm) The international inch is now only used as a standard measure of length in the USA. But for size specifications in technology, such as screen diagonals, resolution of images in dpi (dots per inch), Thread sizes, the diameter of car rims and bicycle rims and much more, the inch has remained the unit of measurement to this day.
The meter [m] is the basic unit of length in the International System of Units (SI).

The foot or shoe, in English-speaking countries too foot or feet Called [ft], it is an ancient unit of length. The English foot, the only foot measure still in use today, is still often used internationally in aviation and shipping. For example, the altitude is still in feet specified or in shipping the boat lengths in ft.