It can be unhealthy to love someone too much

Emotional Attachment: 12 Signs Your intense feelings are unhealthy

It's a great thing to feel really strong for someone, but at times that emotional attachment can be unhealthy and even unnatural.

You should feel as strongly for someone as possible. We all need to have a little more emotion, especially in today's world. However, being too strongly of an emotional bond with someone can be the polar opposite of a good thing.

Often times, people who become so attached to others don't know they have an unnatural problem. They assume that they just have a lot of feelings. But when these feelings get in the way of your daily life, it can be really unhealthy for everyone involved.

Building emotional intimacy is very important when finding love

There are people who can really do that. t build emotional intimacy. It's really hard for them to open up and become vulnerable. This prevents them from connecting with people and forming relationships in general. To these people, it may seem crazy that others can actually invest in others so emotionally that it is unhealthy.

That emotional bond can be a great thing if kept balanced. You need this intimacy to get to know someone on a deep level and to build a strong connection. Not knowing how to do this can be just as harmful as feeling too much for someone.

How to know when your emotional attachment is unhealthy

For everyone you've met, you might ask yourself the line between healthy attachment and unnatural obsession. Because being too emotionally attached to someone is an obsession.

If you, or someone you care about, feel a little too strongly for someone, you can tell whether it is unhealthy or not.

# 1 You can't be without them or you will panic. This is compulsive behavior, and for obvious reasons, it's not healthy. You shouldn't have to go into panic mode when you're not with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You should be able to lead your normal life normally and without worries. If you feel anxious, nervous, or panicked when you are not together, it is a sign that your emotional attachment to her could be very unhealthy.

# 2 You fell in "love" within a few weeks. There are some people who can truthfully fall in love quickly, but that's the norm. If you fell in love with a lot of people very quickly after just two weeks, that's a problem.

It is a level of emotional attachment that is not healthy for either of you. Not only that, but when you think that you love so many people, it keeps you from actually knowing what love is like.

# 3 You freak out if you don't get instant text. Although you know that your significant other is probably just busy. While they are at work or going about their day and you don't get a text back and it results in fear and anxiety, you are too emotionally attached. This is not healthy or normal.

# 4 You automatically think that they don't like you when they're not on top of you. Just because your partner doesn't want to be all on you when you're together doesn't mean they don't like you. Your thoughts on it are very unhealthy and even harmful.

Know that someone can still like and love you even if they're not 100% actively showing it.

# 5 You're jealous all the time A really big sign of unnatural emotional attachment is excessive jealousy. You can be jealous at times, but if it's all the time, you have a problem.

First, if you think you should be the only person in their life, you are way too attached to her. Second, if you think they will always get away with someone else, you have trust issues.

# 6 You cry about her super easily. This can be about anything. Whether they do something nice and get you emotional, or if you don't text back within an hour and you cry, it's not healthy. This unnatural response to simple, everyday occurrences means that you are far too emotionally connected.

# 7 You're planning way too far into the future, too early. If you don't hear until after a couple of wedding bells there's a big problem. Obviously, being excited about having a future with someone is great. However, the problems arise when you are literally planning a wedding and children's names for a future with someone you barely know.

This shows that you are too far away way too quickly. You have to brush it back and get to know someone before you can make that kind of connection and connection.

# 8 Your friends tell you that you're too attached to the matter. Your friends can see things much more clearly than you can. Which means if they see a problem, it's likely real. Chances are you hear them tell you to slow down your relationships all the time.

If so, you definitely have an emotional attachment problem. Take a step back and stop your friends. They are just trying to help you.

# 9 You're always the first to initiate anything. That can happen with text messages, dates, sex, and anything you do. If you're always the first person to make the effort, it could mean you are having issues with emotional attachment.

Keep in mind, however, that this is also evidence that you are dating an idiot. The best way to tell the difference is by suggesting such things every day. This is not normal and you need to be able to pass the time.

# 10 You only talk about her. You could have a hundred different things in your life, but just talking about them is a problem. This is a form of compulsive behavior, and it's not healthy at all. If your friends have to tell you to shut up, that's a problem.

# 11 You ditch your friends and hobbies for her. Aka, your whole life is put on hold because suddenly they are the most important thing. A lot of people do this when they start dating someone, and that's never a good thing.

You can't forget your whole life just because you have feelings for someone. If you do, it is a sign that your emotional attachment has tarnished you from getting excited about the other things in your life.

# 12 You rethink everything they do. If you really need to sit and discuss, or not go to visit a friend because you want to hang out with the partner you see every day, it's a problem.

Your life is yours You shouldn't sit and think about which outfit your significant other likes best when you get dressed. This is a great sign of unhealthy emotional attachment.

Connecting with someone emotionally is never a bad thing. As a human, it is in your nature. However, there is a limit to when this emotional attachment is healthy and when it is harmful and unhealthy.