What is matrix left division

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Group formation

When are groups formed?

Groups are formed, for example, in the following situations:

  • Division of large classes for flat-sharing lessons
  • Division of the classes with regard to the denomination into the corresponding religious groups
  • Division in physical education (e.g. m / f)
  • Division of the teaching of a subject by two teachers

In order to represent such situations, it is necessary to use the Subjects / specialist groups module To create a further subject column for the corresponding subject, i.e. to divide the subject into subject groups. Then you assign the specialist groups in Lessons module the teachers and students too.

Creation of specialist groups

Open that Module subjects. You will find the required compartment in the navigator on the right-hand side of the screen. Open this with a left mouse click. Now switch to the Settings tab.

In order for the subject to be shown in the matrix, under Lesson distribution options at use in the matrix a check mark must be set in the checkbox. Under Subject groups (subject columns in the matrix) you can now set the number of subject groups accordingly (example for creating three columns).

Processing of the specialist groups

Now switch to that Lessons module. Here you can edit the corresponding lesson element in the matrix. Click on the required subject or subject group in the matrix. You can now edit the subject in the matrix header.

Enter the teaching teacher. A click on the blue info symbol opens the window Teacher values, from which this can be selected accordingly. ASV automatically generates a designation if you click in this field and then leave it again. Also enter the number of hours per week and the type of lesson.

Assign students

Click into the desired lesson element and right-click the function Students in the course. In the window that opens, you can assign the students to the appropriate groups.

In the middle field you will find possible students who are not attending the course shown. Left and right are fields for assigning the students to the subject groups. If only one subject group is displayed, a second subject group can be opened by clicking on "ยป ". With the arrow symbols ">" or "<" you can now divide the students into the subject groups, i.e. form the appropriate groups.