What is a coach and berth

Personal training

... for everyone who likes something more exclusive.

Maybe you're just so busy with your job that you don't have the opportunity to attend one of our given course dates, or you simply don't feel like learning with other people.

Just book your personal trainer!

Arrange units with your trainer that are specially tailored to your schedule for:

Individual practical training
on our school or training boats with us at the jetty on the Alster. Of course, you can also bring your own boat, but the trainer can also come to your berth if necessary. If your ship is a bit bigger, it is on the Baltic Sea, North Sea or Mediterranean Sea and you want coaching, your trainer will come to you.

Individual theory units,
z. B. to prepare for your theory test, make an appointment with us and the trainer will come to your home, your hotel or your company. Of course, our training room is also available to you outside of the course times.

Also an individual skipper
can be booked by you, wherever the ship is located. If you have just bought a yacht and would like a little professional support on your first trips, or if the large charter yacht you want to invite your business friends on seems a little too big, we will provide you with your personal skipper and if necessary also the crew too.

Price on request.