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Building backlinks: the best tips for strong backlinks

Web directories enable webmasters to build backlinks and link to their own website. Although these backlinks are comparatively lightly weighted by Google, it is a relatively simple option to create a limited number of backlinks yourself as a starting point. Here, too, the principle of relevance comes first. If possible, select industry-specific directories. Local directories have an even higher weighting for location-specific search results. General web directories are only recommended with a domain rating of 50 or higher.

Also Blogs with comments enable you to build backlinks yourself. This has already led many website owners to link your page in this way. As a result, many comment functions now automatically insert the nofollow attribute. As already mentioned, however, such backlinks are most likely a ranking factor (albeit a rather unimportant one). Above all, they contribute to a natural-looking link profile. In our guide you can find out more about networking blog posts via pingsbacks and trackbacks.

Are of higher value than blog comments Posts in forums. The challenge of placing links there lies in the trained moderators who recognize and block such backlinks. In order to be able to successfully build backlinks in this way, it is therefore necessary to be active in the forums outside of your own links and to act like a normal forum member.