Who are the worst drivers in Europe

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(05.01.2016 12:25) 913Chris wrote:I hold a steep thesis against it (admittedly, partly out of a desire to provoke ...
I guess those who are notorious as the worst car drivers in Europe, whether they are Italians, Spaniards or French, are not that bad at all, they have just made their own rules, but they also adhere to ... The Germans, on the other hand, have their rules that they refer to, but you can never be sure whether the other person will actually stick to them and not suddenly change lanes without blinking, e.g. in Italy etc. I know I have to pay attention to Germany, I can allegedly rely on it and most of them also blink (I'll hang on to the example), but not all of them .... so I think that "the" Germans tend to be among the worse drivers in Europe because they sometimes drive quite unpredictably ....

It was the end of the 1970s and I was standing in a gigantic traffic jam on Via Aurelia Antica in Rome.
Through the stationary cars someone drove a slalom on a motorcycle (Schutzhel what is that?).
He tore off the indicator on a Fiat 128 with the license plate standing next to me. The Fiat driver reacted with a huge shouting, the motorcyclist back as well. Now your fists are flying ... thought the Suebe.
No way, the motorcycle driver drove on, the Fiat driver continued to talk to his co-driver, did not even get out to inspect the damage. Afterwards, when it finally continued, the traffic rolled carefully and slowly over the splinters of the indicator.
That’s it.

For me at the time it was an enlightenment, "what kind of shit the Germans have with their stupid cars"

But after all, this story can no longer take place in Italy today.
For me, that is the remarkable thing about this reporting.

"Nothing is more satisfying than remembering difficulties that have been overcome." (N. Stoffel)