Why don't the Democrats accept defeat?

Strategy in case of defeat : Why Trump discredits the US election

The nomination of Kamala Harris as vice-presidential candidate for Democrat Joe Biden stimulated, but also intensified, the election campaign in both camps. Initial polls show which voters are now more motivated to vote for the Democrats, and which are Harris off. Incumbent Donald Trump apparently sees Harris as a threat.

He attacks her hard and questions whether she should even become Vice President. She is allegedly not a full US citizen, as the constitution requires, he suggests. With the same conspiracy theory, he had earlier doubted in the so-called "Birther" controversy that Barack Obama was the legitimate president. Obama may have been born in Kenya and not in the United States.

Trump rejects better equipping the post office for postal voting

Trump also continues his attacks on the U.S. Post Office in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the November election, which polls suggest he is at risk of defeat. Swiss Post is not in a position to guarantee a fair and transparent election if, because of the corona virus, votes are taken en masse by postal vote, he says. Election fraud will be the result. At the same time, Trump refuses to give the post office more money so that it can organize the delivery of postal voting documents and the return transport of the ballot papers more reliably.

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Kamala Harris as Biden's “running mate” - this news polarizes US society, but brings the Democrats a lot of support in voter groups that can be decisive. In a first survey since they were nominated for the news portal Axios, 22 percent say it is likely that they will now vote for Biden. 19 percent say this has become less likely because of Harris.

Accordingly, the net gain of the decision in the total electorate is only three percentage points and is in the statistical error range of such surveys. The balance is even negative among white men and women. Only 16 percent want to vote for Biden more likely because of Harris, 23 percent say it has become less likely.

Kamala Harris mobilizes Democratic voters

In the groups of voters that Biden needs in large numbers at the polls, the values ​​look better. Black women and moderate Democrats respond enthusiastically to Harris. Forty-three percent of African American women say their Democratic vote is now more likely; seven percent answer with less likely. Among moderate Democrats, 47 percent say they are more likely and five percent are less likely.

Even the left wing of the party hardly resents the fact that Biden did not choose a more progressive woman as deputy. 40 percent want to vote for Biden all the more likely because of Harris, four percent answer no.

If the Biden / Harris team won the election, it would be a three-time first for the USA. She would be the first female, the first African American, and the first Asian Vice President. Her mother is from India, her father from Jamaica. They met at Berkeley University in California, where the mother received a doctorate in cancer research and the father in economics.

Kamala was born there on October 20, 1964 and is a “natural born citizen” of the USA by birth in the country, as required by the constitution for the office of president and vice-presidency. Other offices such as mayor, governor, member of parliament or senator can also be won by persons who were born abroad and later naturalized.

Conspiracy theory: Biden's vice is not a "natural born citizen"

Trump cites the conservative lawyer John C. Eastman, who discusses in Newsweek whether Harris falls under the exceptions to the rule that birth in the country automatically leads to citizenship, which are listed in the 14th Amendment of 1868. Many US media cite respected constitutional experts who consider this to be a conspiracy theory and refer to an 1898 ruling by the Supreme Court on this 14th Amendment. According to these criteria, Harris is a "natural born citizen". When Republican John McCain ran against Barack Obama in 2008, bipartisan Congress had voted to allow this, even though McCain was born on a US military base in the Panama Canal Zone, not in the United States.

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The new "Birther" controversy, now about Kamala Harris, as well as the doubts about the post office and the postal vote are part of a general strategy of Trump to prophylactically discredit the election result. And to keep options open, not to acknowledge defeat, but to present it as the result of manipulation.

Trump wants to restrict postal voting

Postal voting is controversial between Democrats and Republicans. Democratic voters are much more likely to use them than Republican voters in states that allow it unconditionally. Experience shows that the US Post is less reliable than the German Post. It is of course underfunded.

On the conservative broadcaster Fox, Trump now indicated that his refusal to give the post office more money was also aimed at restricting the possibility of postal votes. On average in the polls, Biden (49.3 percent) is 7.7 percentage points ahead of Trump (41.6) across the country and four to six percentage points ahead of Trump in most of the “swing states” that make the election.

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