What is the power of internal communication

Internal communication

The Swiss Association for Internal Communication (SVIK) is convinced that it is a meaningful and ongoing task

  • of economic and political executives is to develop companies, administrations and other organizations further and to keep them adaptable.
  • of corporate and administrative communicators is to efficiently implant and implement the function in their organization, for which they also have to develop themselves.

The association works internally and externally for a new understanding of internal communication as part of integral corporate communication. In doing so, the association specifically addresses the different generations and different training and professional directions of its members.

He accepts the opportunities available to him for cooperation with other professional and political organizations at home and abroad or - where necessary - sets a counterweight.

The foundation of the formation of the association is based on observations, research results and practical experience, which demonstrate the importance and dependencies of internal and integrated communication in goal-oriented communities.

The Swiss Association for Internal and Integrated Communication (SVIK) is therefore convinced that it is an important and ongoing task that

  • Economists, politicians and researchers not only build and operate companies, administrations and other organizations, but also keep them adaptable and capable of learning so that they can develop and make them viable. This is the only way to create reliable and safe jobs.
  • Management bodies involve employees in operational conditions and processes, encourage employees to take responsibility, and therefore guide their behavior and circumstances in the right direction. In doing so, they serve as role models. This is the only way to create long-term and reliable relationships and behavior.
  • Managers motivate employees to continuously improve their work, management and learning technology, to bring those involved together in problem-solving teams and to adequately inform all stakeholders about internal and external processes and to act openly, efficiently, informatively, communicatively and integratively. This is the only way to prepare a company for the future.
  • Superiors of organizations of all legal forms and of all sizes also work integratively among themselves and check coordination and teamwork before going it alone; stand up for the community of convenience with their own personality, their knowledge, skills and creativity and act as role models and with respect for their fellow human beings (hard and soft skills) as well as building up homogeneous but critical workforces and aligning them with the operational goals, Consistently broaden leadership experience and deal with new approaches to theory and everyday management. This is the only way to create fruitful cooperation; set up, operate and maintain corporate and administrative communication in a useful and efficient manner. To do this, they integrate corporate and administrative communicators and general secretaries who understand the language and culture in the units. This is the only way to effectively implement information and communication.