What makes Litecoin unique

Cryptocurrency: Litecoin - the new competitor of Bitcoin?

The head of the Australian central bank considers Bitcoin to be just as foolish as it is speculative and criminal. Like BaFin, the Deutsche Bundesbank warns of misallocation of investor funds. At the same time, Eurex is considering the introduction of a Bitcoin future.

At Google, the search for Bitcoin in 2017 should be way ahead of the top hits. In the meantime there is hardly a topic that cannot be associated with cryptocurrency. The information portal Bitcoin-Krypto.de recently reported that an 18-year-old top model had mysteriously died in Kuala Lumpur, and of course it had a party with a Bitcoin millionaire. Millionaires, billionaires - when it comes to Bitcoin, many seem to have the dollar signs in their eyes, if this language image applies to crypto currencies at all. Bitcoin had around 2000 percent increase in value this year.

Outlook for the Litecoin

The price explosion in Bitcoin has not only surprised many, but also the second row around Ethereum and Litecoin has just recently taken an undreamt-of soaring. It was a bit strange when the inventor of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, warned on Twitter that Litecoins were extremely risky and that he expected significant setbacks in the coming years. The founder, who is only called “SatoshiLite” on Twitter after the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, switched from Google to the crypto industry. Its currency should be leaner - a transaction runs faster and uses less energy. In mid-December, Bitcoin had around 15 times the market capitalization of Litecoin.