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Jeans - your No. 1 wardrobe basic

When in doubt, always wear jeans! This motto seems to apply to every one of you Noisy Girls. However, how to find the perfect pair of jeans is a different story. We all know it: the changing room crammed with skinny jeans - but none of them fit. Fortunately, that's not the case with Noisy May. Our dedicated team of jeans designers works hard to combine fabrics and creations to create a perfect fit. Our jeans are available in many shapes - but the fit has top priority for all of them. You don't have to worry about your body shape and size. Just choose the design you like. We take care of the rest! Skinny jeans are not just for very slim girls. The same goes for mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. We can all carry it! By the way, all Noisy May jeans are named after real life girls who inspired us. Because we design the jeans for them. Denim could easily be regarded as the most versatile fashion item par excellence - and thus become the perfect wardrobe basic. No wonder that high end and high street fashion brands have been focusing on this for decades. This is our go-to choice when it comes to daytime and evening fashion. Easily combined with sneakers, knitwear and leather jackets for a raw look or elegantly combined with a top and high heels to make a feminine yet strong impression. And when it comes to styling jeans, everything is allowed!

How is a denim on denim outfit styled?

The denim on denim trend hits our noisy heart right away. Of course you will find a variety of denim creations at Noisy May. Are you looking for a denim jacket? You don't need to look any longer. Maybe a denim shirt? Look, we have it. You can find all the styles you dream of right here. Give in to your denim cravings. And now it's time to mix and match the denim on denim look! The good news: It's really easy to put together a successful denim outfit, because you can hardly go wrong with it. Start with the basic denim style - these could be your best jeans. Do you want a tone-on-tone denim look? Then you still have to worry about taking care of your denim styles. Do you want a body-hugging silhouette or do you want to combine skinny jeans with a loose-fitting top? By mixing a slim fit style with a style with more volume, you bring your outfit into a harmonious balance. When combining your denim on denim outfit, you should ask yourself the following question: Which look do you want to achieve? Denim creations have unfinished edges and are therefore perfect for raw outfits with destroyed jeans. You can also opt for a more classic look with raw denim and clearer styles.

And who are the Noisy Girls?

Noisy May Jeans has everything you need! Here you will find all the members of the good old Noisy family, absolute basics like Eve, Lucy and Kimmy. Not to mention Julie and Liv and our new addition: Jenna. Among these noisy girls you will find slim fit and skinny fit and straight leg jeans. Low rise and high waisted jeans. Our go-to jeans meet all your basic needs when it comes to basics. And because denim is always trendy, you will always find a mix of trendy jeans with the latest fashionable details here. Exhibited jeans are making a comeback this season, and of course we'll be there! In our jeans category you will find all the latest trends: jeans with fringed hems, zip details and stone wash denim. Shop trend jeans with a fashionable expression according to the Noisy Attitude!

Jeans care How are jeans washed?

As robust and versatile as denim may be, it will last longer if you observe a few basic things about jeans care. Most Noisy May jeans are stretch jeans that cannot withstand high temperatures. There is a myth that you just have to fling denim to get it back together. Let's leave it with the myth, okay? The cotton portion of your jeans may shrink back, but the stretch portion can deform at high temperatures. So it doesn't do anything. Instead, you should wash your jeans at low temperatures as rarely as possible - preferably turned inside out - and never tumble dry them. This way you can enjoy your denim trophies for a long time.