Why is there water in a bong

Don't drink bong water! This is nothing new, of course, because bong water is usually really gross. However, you should know that there are alternatives to normal water in the bong. These alternatives will improve your smoking experience. Some of them are so good that you might think about drinking your bong water after all (don't do that!).

Typically, tap water at room temperature is used for bongs and water pipes. This will filter out pollutants contained in cannabis smoke and at the same time make your smoking experience more enjoyable.

In cannabis forums, however, new alternatives to this classic are hotly debated. In doing so, consumers claim that they are replacing the water in their bong with just about anything, from soda to milk.

So how do you decide which of these options is worth trying?

We cannot make the decision for you, but we can help you to find the right alternative. For this we have selected ten alternatives to traditional bong water. So what are you waiting for? Get ready, stuff your head and just try them out for yourself!



Many consumers swear by ice water as a great alternative to normal room temperature bong water and we can only wholeheartedly agree with that. Next time add ice cubes and you will have a completely different smoking experience.

The ice cubes cool the smoke while it is filtered. It also makes the puffs very pleasant and even enhances some cannabis aromas. This is great for all stoners who want to enjoy the full flavor of their buds.

2. TEA

Tea is another popular alternative to regular bong water and we agree that it adds that extra something to the traditional smoking experience of a bong.

Similar to ice water, the heat of the tea seems to make the draws more pleasant. While the taste of the tea cannot really be felt when smoking the bong, it does make the cannabis taste more aromatic.

In addition, the tea water warms your hands while you smoke a head. This could be an advantage, especially in winter.

Just boil a little water, add an aromatic herbal tea (blends with red fruits from Lipton or Twinings are ideal for this) and pour it into your bong.

Keep in mind that poor quality glass can burst when filled with hot water. So only do this with a bong that can really handle hot water.

Do not put hot water in an acrylic bong, as this will likely inhale fumes from the plastic along with your weed.

If you want chilled water in your bong, you can also let the tea cool down to room temperature. Pour the tea into your bong along with ice cubes and you get iced tea bong water. Delicious!


Many stoners swear by enriching their bong water with all kinds of flavors. The palette ranges from mint leaves and lemon peel to essential oils. We suggest you just try it out.

Here are some popular ingredients you can use to enrich your bong water:

  • Mint leaves
  • Citrus peel (such as orange or lemon)
  • Strawberries
  • ginger

Whichever ingredient you choose, we recommend that you put the ingredients in a jug with cold water and let it steep in the refrigerator for at least a few hours.

Alternatively, you can simmer the ingredients in water for 5-10 minutes and then let the mixture cool down completely. This allows the water to absorb more aromatic substances.

If you want to smoke a head, add the water to your bong along with a few ice cubes. You can also use hot water, which will make the experience very similar to that of tea.


Fruit-flavored water in your bong will definitely add the most flavor to your smoking experience.

You can use any type of fruit-flavored water such as Kool Aid. Whatever you prefer, simply mix it with the appropriate amount of water according to the instructions for use and fill your bong with the mixture and a few ice cubes.

Compared to the other bong water alternatives on this list, this method gives the smoke the most flavor by far.

Note: Make sure to clean your bong thoroughly afterwards. Most fruit flavors contain lots of sugar that will stick as a sticky mass in your bong if you don't clean it properly.


Another great option if you want to add subtle fruity notes to the smoking experience of a bong. Although the taste produced is really subliminal, it can certainly be perceived with sensitive taste buds.

You can pour the cranberry juice into your bong at room temperature or, just like water, mix it with ice cubes to achieve a cooling effect.

According to most sources on the internet, glass stays clean longer when in contact with cranberry juice. This is great news for all cannabis enthusiasts who are struggling to motivate themselves to clean their bong regularly.


Using Gatorade instead of ordinary water in the bong is extremely popular. Just like with cranberry juice, the aromas produced by Gatorade are very subtle and are usually only noticed when you exhale.

Remember that Gatorade contains sugar and you must clean your smoking device thoroughly after each use of Gatorade as a bong water.


Wine as bong water is a hotly debated topic. Most people worry about inhaling alcoholic fumes and their fear is not unfounded. Inhaling strong alcoholic vapors (such as brandy) can be dangerous and extremely toxic. Due to the lower alcohol content, however, wine poses a much lower risk than vodka, for example.

If you want to use wine instead of regular bong water, try a sweet, full-bodied red wine like a Malbec. Alternatively, you can also use a slightly sparkling Lambrusco, as the carbonation changes the texture of the smoke.


This is probably one of the easiest alternatives to bong water. If it snows in your country, go outside, get a few handfuls of clean white snow (not the yellow one) and fill your bong with it for a very pleasant smoking experience. If your home doesn't have snow, you can use crushed ice instead.

Because of the consistency, you may find it difficult to smoke a head when using snow or ice. If this is a problem for you, we recommend adding a little water or waiting a bit for the ice / snow to melt. This will make it easier to smoke a head.

Note: For additional taste and color, you can also enrich your snow / ice cream with artificial fruit flavors. Slurpees can also be used, although this will make your bing extremely sticky.


If you want to give your puffs on the bong a really fruity taste, you should definitely try it out. Some popular juices as alternatives to bong water include apple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. Just try it out and find your favorite taste.

Note, however, that fruit juices contain a lot of natural sugar, which is why you have to clean your bong regularly so that it does not get sticky and you can enjoy it for a long time.


Of all the alternatives on this list, this is by far our favorite idea. We recommend using flavored mineral water (not to be confused with lemonade) such as those offered by Nestlé, San Pellegrino or Schweppes. Great flavors to try are lime, lemon, blood orange, pomelo, and raspberry.

We want to mention again that the taste of the water can at best be perceived subliminally. Still, it gives your puffs beautiful undertones that will truly change your smoking experience. Best of all, the carbonic acid completely changes the nature of the smoke so that when you inhale it feels like it's bubbling in your mouth.

For best results, we suggest adding plenty of ice to the mineral water to cool the smoke and get a truly unique experience.


Bongs get dirty with regular use and eventually require a proper cleaning. Even if you only use water, the chamber will turn brown and the inside of the tube and mouthpiece will discolor over time. But if you use fruit juice or wine instead of water, the whole thing can get particularly sticky.

There are several home remedies that bong smokers use to clean up the dirt and mess in their devices. One of these means is to simply pour hot water into the bong and let it sit for a while. Cover all holes with ResĂ–lution cleaning caps and shake the mixture well to hit any dirt stains. Once the mixture has cooled, you can pour out the hot water and rub the sides clean with pipe cleaners. The Black Leaf pipe cleaners are 30cm long and ideal for reaching down to the bottom and cleaning the pipes of bongs of all sizes.

A mixture of lemon juice and vinegar is also said to be effective at removing stains. It is advisable to use pipe cleaners to clean the chillum so that your puffs can pass through without obstruction.

There are several products that have been specially developed to support the cleaning process of your bong, such as the Bong Master Cleaner. This product is a powder that is intended to be filled into a bong with hot water. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes, pour it out and familiarize yourself with your squeaky clean device again.

Another great option is the Kulu pipe cleaner concentrate. This liquid is completely natural and can be used to remove ugly stains from a variety of bong materials, from glass to plastic.

Finally the Pow! Pow! Detergent, a product designed for deep and thorough cleaning of your bong. Just put it in warm water, pour it into your bong, put the caps on and shake off. Once the bong has cooled, rinse it out and you are ready to use.


Regular brown bong water isn't exactly an appetizing drink. But after swiping a few heads with a liquid like fruit juice or wine, you may be tempted to soak up all of the contents of your device. While it'll taste pretty putrid with all that tar and ash and stuff, bong water actually contains traces of THC.

Cannabinoids are insoluble in water, but studies have found that small amounts of the molecule can become trapped in bong water as the smoke is filtered through the water. The keyword here is "filtered". Bongs provide a gentle puff because disgusting substances get caught in the water while the rest of the smoke passes through. Drinking bong water pretty much defeats the purpose of using water in the first place, and it won't be good for you either. If you want a little more THC after a bong hit, just stuff your head or roll a joint.

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