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Control third-party apps with Siri on iPhone

So far it was only possible to control Apple apps with voice commands via Siri. Thanks to the SiriKit interface for app developers, third-party providers can now also integrate Siri into their applications. So you can now control even more apps via voice commands to Apple's virtual assistant. In the following instructions, we will show you how to activate third-party apps for use with Siri.

Control third-party iPhone apps with Siri

For some time now, developers have had the option of equipping their apps with Siri. Whether your favorite apps allow voice control via Siri, however, depends on the respective developer. To find out which third-party apps support Siri on your iPhone, do the following.

1. First open the Settings and taps on the menu item Siri. Then scroll down to the app overview. At this point you can see all the apps installed on your iPhone. You can see whether an app supports Siri as soon as you tap it.

2. Now activate each app individually that you want to control with voice commands via Siri by sliding the button to the right.

The voice commands are different from app to app, but their form is always similar. So you name the respective app before or after your request.

So the command to Siri to start a video chat in Skype for example: "Call (...) on Skype". To play music on Spotify with Siri, however, you say: "Play (...) in Spotify". In the case of the fitness app Runtastic can you do an activity e.g. B. start with the words "start a 5 km run in Runtastic". You confirm your request by saying "Yes" or tapping the "Yes" button.

You can also see whether an app supports Siri from the following note in the App Store:

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