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Synonyms and other words for "kacke-am-steamfen"

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Similar phrases for "shit-on-steam"

annoying, undesirable, undesirable, unpleasant, unwelcome, shit on vaping, annoying, annoying, undesirable, angry, bad, bad, uncomfortable, unpleasant, unpleasant, terrible, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, stupid, stupid
Damn it, disc paste, poop, shit, crap, disc honey, darned and sewn up, thunder and Doria, Heaven God, Heaven God Sakra, heaven ass and cloudburst, heaven buttocks and sewing thread, heaven ass and thread, devil too, devil one more, damn shit, damn shit
stew, steam
boast, impress, boast, show off, show off, boast, show off, bramble-based, slice open, brag, prance, hit the shit, hit the horses, stun, put on thick pants, make mollies, blare around, blark, flashing around, showing off like a sack of brawn, showing off like a sack of soap, showing off like a bag of mosquitos, making a zampano, making a big zampano, inflating, puffing up, puffing up, puffing up your cheeks, taking your mouth full, risking your lip, marking thick, big mouth , make big speeches, spit big tones, open your mouth, make a wave, make important, show off, thick, thick, have a big mouth, play up, open your mouth, do important, fill your mouth, knock on slogans, get on your high horse, on pound your chest, throw in the chest, bang up, make a loud, big mouth, make a show, put on a show, bang the drum, mark a fat man, mark a fat man, make a fat man, let him hang out, Herman Make it, make Larry, show it off, make one, rip a wave, speak big, make big cheeks
Have a big mouth, spit big sounds, put on thick pants, risk a fat lip, roll around, open your mouth, mark thick, make waves, scream and scream, make important, puff up, hit the poop, hit the horses, your mouth take full, inflate, inflate cheeks, make great speeches
Eat shit, shit, damn shit, shit, build shit, ride in the shit, pull out of the shit, make money out of the shit, all shit your Elli, look shit, talk shit, tell shit, oh you shit, in the shit / Shit sitting / stuck, a piece of shit, stuck up to my neck in the shit, find some shit, pulling through the shit, reaching into the shit, grabbing the shit, shit, shit on it, shit on someone / something, something is shit, stupid as shit, such shit, such shit, just talk shit, be real shit, life sucks, shit hurts, stop that shit, what shit, a lot of shit is flying right away around the ears, drive the cart deeper into the shit, beat the shit out of the body, get deep into the shit, shit no, shit off
Unhappy, lame, uncool, stupid, shit, caustic, poop