How is coffee made 1

Coffee preparation through the ages - from mocha to great pleasure from the filter coffee machine

Coffee has also experienced a change over time in retail

Not only the preparation of coffee has changed significantly over the years due to the professional coffee machine and the filter coffee machine. In the past, coffee was only prepared according to the maceration principle. Today, percolation offers many new preparation options that perfectly complement the old preparations. Every coffee drinker decides for himself whether he uses the filter coffee machine, the professional coffee machine, the espresso maker, the fully automatic machine, the French press, the mocha pot or the hand filter to prepare coffee. Coffee has also changed significantly as a retail product. After crude oil, coffee is the most important global commodity and links trade across entire continents with one another. More than 25 million people work in coffee growing, coffee processing and the coffee trade. The well-being of entire countries depends on the development of world market prices for coffee. The current state of affairs is decided on Western coffee exchanges. The coffee tax brings in one billion euros annually for the German tax authorities. Coffee only becomes a taxable product when it is roasted. You can get delicious roasted coffee in our webshop.