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The 10 best anime series exclusively on Netflix

The streaming service Netflix has become more and more a fixture in the field of anime series in recent years and also regularly inspires with very successful in-house productions. So it's time to introduce you to the 10 best anime series that are currently exclusive to Netflix.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

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One of the most popular anime series on Netflix is ​​"The Seven Deadly Sins", of which the third season has just started with 24 brand new episodes. The streaming service has been broadcasting the fantasy action anime series about the heroes known as the seven deadly sins since 2015. Led by Meliodas, son of the demon king and mortal sin of wrath, they include the giantess Diane (envy), the fairy king King (indolence), the bandit Ban (greed), the magician Merlin (gluttony), Gowther (lust) and Escanor (Pride).

After the king of the kingdom of Liones was overthrown by the Holy Knights, they not only captured the royal family, but also enforced their tyrannical government in the kingdom of Liones. To save both her family and the kingdom, the third Princess Elizabeth goes in search of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins, with their help to free the kingdom from the tyranny of the Holy Knights. But Meliodas and his friends face completely different challenges that demand a lot from them and involve them more than once in a struggle for life and death.


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With the dark animation series "Castlevania", Netflix dared to adapt the popular Japanese video game series of the same name in 2017, which was first launched in 1986. Even if “Castlevania” is not an anime in the narrowest sense, as the series was produced in the USA, it is one of the most popular animation series on the streaming service at the moment.

After the church burned the wife of the dreaded vampire Count Vlad Dracula Tepez at the stake on charges of witchcraft, he swears vengeance on the citizens of Wallachia. After a year he wants to wipe out all life on this piece of earth with his army of monsters and demons. While the population panics and is barely able to act because of fear, the vampire hunter and last member of the Belmont family, Trevor Belmont, tries to stop Dracula and his hordes. He gets support from the magician Sypha Belnades and Dracula's own son Alucard, who broke up with his father.

In addition to countless allusions to the legendary Dracula myth, the "Castlevania" series has primarily bloodthirsty fights and a grandiose look to offer.


Kakegurui - Life is a game

The popular manga series "Kakegurui" by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura has been published since 2014 and has not yet come to an end. This is probably mainly due to the great hype surrounding the series, which has been broadcast as an anime series on Netflix since 2017 and already comprises two seasons.
The series, which is called "Kakegurui - Life is a Game" in German, revolves around the students of the Hyakkaou private academy, which is primarily dedicated to gambling. The students are also rated according to their skills in gambling and in the areas of strategy, cunning and looking through the opponent. The academy's students are usually only children of rich and influential families, whose reputation can rise or fall through profit or loss.

One day the gambler Yumeko Jabami ends up at school again, where she first has to assert herself against her new classmates. Although she makes a very naive impression at first, she manages to win skillfully and so she finally makes friends with Ryota, whom she frees from an awkward position with her victory.

Violet Evergarden

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"Violet Evergarden" is a wonderful anime adaptation of the light novel series by Kana Akatsuki from 2018, the focus of which is a young soldier who tries to integrate into society after the end of the war. However, Violet has no idea about everyday life and cannot do much with many things, including love.
So she begins a job as Akora, Autonomous Correspondence Assistant, in which she has to put people's feelings and thoughts on paper. In this way Violet gradually learns more about life and also her own feelings and searches for a new meaning in life for herself.

"Violet Evergarden" not only inspires with the extremely beautiful implementation Kyoto animation, but above all through the touching story of the young Violet, who as Akora has to deal with the most diverse problems and fates of the most diverse people and helps them to convey her feelings. The orphaned and once nameless soldier herself has gone through enough terrible things in her life that she also has to cope with. In addition to the popular anime series, Netflix currently even has the film adaptation "Violet Evergarden and the bond of friendship" in its program and thus offers a lot of material for those who like it a little more dramatic and moving.


In the anthropomorphic world of "Beastars", carnivores and herbivores usually live together in harmony. However, this is disturbed when the alpaca Tem is killed and eaten by a carnivore. The incident not only stirs up prejudice, but also fear among the herbivores, which is also evident in the theater group of the Cherryton School. From now on, the gray wolf Legoshi is feared and avoided by his classmates. However, he was good friends with the alpaca Tem and Legoshi soon developed more than just friendly feelings for the dwarf rabbit Haru. But Legoshi also has to struggle with his instincts, which tempt him again and again.

Based on the manga template by Paru Itagaki The anime adaptation of "Beastars" was released in 2019, which can be seen exclusively on Netflix and introduces us to an alternative world in which animals with human features are the protagonists. Like us, they not only struggle with their natural predispositions, but also with everyday problems, such as everyday school life or their first love.

Japan is sinking: 2020

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The anime miniseries "Japan Sinkt 2020" is the latest in-house production by Netflix, which also has it all. The plot of the series is based on the science fiction novel "Japan Sink" published in 1973 by the Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu back and tells how Japan is hit by a severe series of earthquakes. These end in a gigantic and unimaginable catastrophe for the Japanese population, which not only leads to devastating fires, but also to tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. In the course of the changes in the interior of the earth, the Japanese islands are gradually sinking into the sea and for the survivors a race against time and a struggle for life and death begins on a piece of earth that will soon no longer exist. The focus of the plot of "Japan is sinking 2020" is the Mutoh family around the young Ayumu and her struggle for survival in the face of the unimaginable.

Responsible for the anime adaptation of the novel was also none other than Masaaki Yuasawho has already attracted some attention with anime films such as "Night Is Short, Walk on Girl" and "Lu Over the Wall".

7 seeds

© Netflix

Years after a meteorite hit the earth and wiped out almost all life, the participants in the so-called Seven Seeds program are the only survivors. Left on their own, the young people in the program, which consists of five different groups, now have to find their way in a post-apocalyptic world that has nothing at all to do with their former home and is rather hostile to them. Not only has the vegetation changed noticeably, but also the climate of the various regions. Without knowing what happened, they have to fight for survival together with an adult and well-initiated leader of the group in order to rebuild the human population and civilization.

The anime series "7 Seeds" is based on the science fiction manga series of the same name Yumi Tamura, which started back in 2001 and was adapted exclusively for the Netflix streaming service in 2019.

Forest of Piano

Kai Ichinose grew up in the red light district of his city, but at night he regularly sneaks into the forest to play on an old piano. However, his musical talent was only discovered when Shuhei Amamiya, son of a famous pianist and piano player himself, switched to Kai's school. Soon afterwards, her music teacher, Mr. Sosuke Ajino, became aware of the incredible talent of little Kai and began to encourage him. So Kai and Shuhei now become competitors and have to assert themselves against the other. But Kai and Mr. Ajino have much more in common than music, because Sosuke Ajino was once a famous and promising pianist until an accident changed everything.

"Forest of Piano" is a wonderful anime adaptation of the manga series by Makoto Isshiki, which is completely dedicated to music and lets music lovers get their money's worth, even if you may not be able to do so much with classical music. Above all, the competition between the disciplined Shuhei and the wild Kai becomes a rollercoaster of emotions and lets us cheer for both of them until the end.

Die Walkinder - Children of the Whales

"Die Walkinder - Children of the Whale" tells a mystical story between drama and action that takes us into a completely strange world. Here the young Chakuro lives together with a community consisting of normal people and so-called marked people who have supernatural abilities on a ship island called the mud whale. This has been drifting for some time through the vastness of a huge sand sea without even meeting a soul. When the mud whale reaches an island, however, they discover the girl Lykos there, who warns them of an imminent danger that threatens not only the mud whale but also everyone living on it.

However, this is only the beginning of the story, as so far only one season of the anime series "The Walkinder - Children of the Whale" has been produced, which can be seen exclusively on Netflix, while the manga series by Abi Umeda is not yet completed.

Sirius the Jaeger

A group of vampire hunters who call themselves the "Jaegers" arrive in Tokyo after following a group of vampires. Among them is the young werewolf Yuliy, whose family and entire hometown was wiped out by vampires.
In addition to the vampire hunt, the hunters are looking for the legendary Ark of Sirius, which was once given to the Sirius family as a gift from God and which holds power over all things. But the vampires are also targeting the divine power of the ark and so the two groups repeatedly get into bloodthirsty fights in which it is a matter of life and death.

Unlike most anime series, "Sirius the Jaeger" is not based on a manga template and so it is with the series from the director Masahiro Ando an original anime made by P.A. Works („Maquia - an immortal love story“, „Another“) Was produced and can be seen exclusively on Netflix.

"Sirius the Jaeger" is a dark mixture of mystery and thriller with science fiction and fantasy elements, which definitely creates some tension.


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