What role does an exam play

Exams: who and what plays a role?

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The competent authorities

The organization and implementation of the vocational training as well as the related exams are a self-administration task of the economy. Therefore, § 44 BBiG stipulates that the Regulation of the implementation of vocational training as well as the Monitoring the implementation has to be carried out by the competent authorities. According to the Vocational Training Act, the competent body is usually the chamber that is responsible for the training occupation or the training company:

  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK)
  • Chambers of Crafts (HWK)
  • Chambers of Agriculture (occupations in agriculture, forestry and horticulture)

The chambers of liberal professions are, for example, responsible for training tax clerks or legal assistants.

The main tasks of the chambers are:

  • Determination of whether the trainer is personally suitable and has the necessary equipment.
  • Determination of whether the trainers in the company are professionally and personally suitable.
  • Entry of the vocational training contract in the directory of vocational training relationships.
  • Advice on all questions about vocational training.
  • Establishment of vocational training committees.
  • Enactment of special legislation for the implementation of vocational training.
  • Issuing examination regulations.
  • Establishment of examination boards to conduct examinations.
  • Organization, implementation and evaluation of the intermediate examinations prescribed in the training ordinance.
  • Organization, implementation and evaluation of the final apprenticeship examination and the creation of the skilled worker, journeyman or business assistant letter.
  • Appointment of an arbitration committee and drawing up rules of procedure.

Around 90% of all exams are held by IHKn and HWKn. For the practical implementation of these tasks, the responsible bodies have to appoint training advisors. They are available to entrepreneurs, trainees and their legal guardians, vocational school teachers, works councils and youth representatives as contact persons for all questions about vocational training.

Where can I find more information?

The addresses of the 82 regionally responsible chambers of industry and commerce with specific information can be found on the DIHK homepage after clicking on the IHK finder.

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