The world comes to you

Words fail most of us when a person dies. How do you express grief, condolences and compassion with words? The following selection of quotes from famous writers and other people is at your disposal.

Grief quotes

What you have deep in your heart
cannot be lost through death.
Joh. Wolfgang v. Goethe

He who lives in the memory of his loved ones is not dead, he is only distant;
Only those who are forgotten are dead.
Immanuel Kant

Hope is the rainbow over the cascading brook of life.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

The only important thing in life are the traces of love we leave behind
when we go away.
Albert Schweitzer

With every person a secret disappears from the world,
because of its special construction only he could discover it,
and that nobody will discover again after him.
Friedrich Hebbel

And the soul unguarded
want to float in free flights,
around in the magic circle of the night,
to live deep and a thousandfold.
Hermann Hesse

Memories are little stars
that shine comfortingly in the darkness of our grief.

I don't think death is all over.
This wonderful human body
this infinitely complicated system
our soul, our imagination, our thoughts - all just for a unique short earthly life?
No, I do not think so.
No creator would be so wasteful.
We are leaving the earth. But we'll be back.
Heinz Rühmann

You who loved me
don't mourn for the life I'm ending
but enjoy life with me,
that I begin.

I still am what I was to you.
I'm not far away
just on the other side of the way.

Funeral poems

Saying goodbye is so difficult
your place, it is empty now.
What love you gave us
any thanks are too small for that.
What we have lost in you
we only know that all by ourselves.

We go as we came
With nothing but us alone
The world - these are just names.
Being remains a miracle.

It's sad when people go to the unknown country.
We can no longer see them or feel a hand.
But they preceded
hold the gates open for us
will one day embrace us,
when at the end ‘the resume.
Lisl Güthoff

Your dear heart has stopped beating
and yet wanted so much to be with us.
God help us bear this pain
because without you some things will be different.

Don't ask why, don't ask why
then your heart never comes to rest ‘.
On your why, on your why,
the mouth of fate remains mute.
God knows why, God knows why
this knowledge gives rest to the heart ‘.

And there are always traces of your life
Thoughts, images and moments.
They will remind us of you
make us happy and sad
and never let you forget.

When grief fills your heart
let yourself be embraced by love
and comfort you with your memories.
Let hope guide you
and accompany them by the people,
who are particularly close to you at this time.

Where words are missing
to describe the indescribable,
where the eyes fail
to see the inevitable
where the hands cannot grasp the incomprehensible,
all that remains is the certainty
that you will live forever in our hearts.

Don't stand crying by my grave
I'm not lying here in a deep sleep.
I am the wind that always blows
I'm sparkling brilliantly in the snow

I am the sun on the ripe field
I am mild in autumn the rain.
And do you wake up in the quiet morning
I flutter up like a bird
draw silent, wide circles.

At night I am the soft shine of stars.
Don't stand crying by my grave
I'm not lying here cause I never died

The wind blows a leaf
from the tree,
one of many leaves.
The one leaf you hardly notice
because one is none.
But this one sheet alone
was part of our life.
Therefore this becomes one leaf alone
we miss again and again.

When you look at the sky at night
it will be to you as if all the stars were laughing,
because I live on one of them
because i am laughing at one of them.
You alone will have stars that can laugh!
And when you have comforted yourself, you will be glad
to have known me
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Everything like yesterday
the tree is where it was.
Everything like yesterday, the houses well known.
Everything like yesterday
but today i'm so empty
Everything like yesterday
but you no longer exist.

I'm not dead.
I'm just swapping the rooms.
I live in you
and go through your dreams.
Michelangelo Buonarroti