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Hope for the iPod touch: Apple strengthens trademark rights

When will a new iPod touch finally come? The cheapest iOS device hasn't been updated by Apple in three and a half years. After fresh rumors about a possible start of production from Asia, which made the rounds a few days ago, there is now another ray of hope: This time it comes from Apple's legal department.

New brand class registered

How MacRumors noted, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a new trademark application at the beginning of the month, with which Apple is expanding its intellectual property rights to the term "iPod touch". The brand itself has been in Apple's possession since 2008 and has so far been International Class 9 for portable electronic digital devices, which can be used to record and transfer audio and video files, as well as edit and send texts and other files, among other things.

What was missing so far was an entry as a play device - and this is now taking over loudly MacRumors the new trademark application. This applies to International Class 28, which covers games and sporting goods. The iPod touch is therefore also a "portable device for playing electronic games" as well as a "portable game console". In the application, Apple has attached a screenshot of its website, which shows the game functions of the iPod touch.

iPod touch has always been a gaming device

The new trademark application shows that Apple is apparently still fundamentally interested in the platform - it is the last iPod model on offer. On the other hand, it could also be just one step to better secure the trademark rights; it is quite unusual that the iPod touch has not yet been registered as a portable gaming device, as it has been marketed as such for years.

Most recently, Apple suppliers said at the electronics fair CES that the group is working on a seventh generation of the iPod touch. When this will appear and what it will look like, however, is still completely unclear. Until then, Apple seems to be selling the old devices on. (bsc)

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