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Probation officer: what are his duties and responsibilities?

Minor prison sentences can also be suspended on probation under German criminal law. However, such suspended sentences are not always tied to probation conditions. The courts can also give a convicted person one Assign probation officers.

Not in every case the court must determine the establishment of such assistance. Only for offenders who have one Residual custodial sentence suspended on probation is the Order fixed. For all others, the court can depending on the individual case decide.

A probation officer is not just a matter of course Contact person for the offender assigned to him. So what exactly does a probation officer do? Which Duties and powers he has? And is it one learnable profession? Find out more in our guide.

What is a probation officer? - duties and powers in probation

The use of a probation officer is intended to unite the convicted person fixed point of contact offer as soon as there are questions or problems regarding probation requirements or instructions. The tasks by a probation officer are designed much more comprehensively than initially assumed. Section 56d (3) of the Criminal Code (StGB) defines the duties of a probation officer as follows:

“The probation officer is there to help and support the convicted person. In agreement with the court, he or she monitors the fulfillment of the conditions and instructions as well as the offers and promises and reports on the conduct of life of the convicted person at intervals determined by the court. "

The following results from this provision Area of ​​responsibility:

  • Contact Person for the convicted person with questions and problems regarding conditions and instructions
  • monitoring the conditions and instructions assigned to the perpetrator by the court
  • Contact point for imposed Reporting and information obligation
  • reporting towards the court
  • general objective: Reintegration of the offender

In addition to these duties, however, probation officers also have some Powerswhich are given to them by the commissioning courts. By regularly reporting on the convicted person's development, the probation officer can for example also pass on violations of conditions and instructions. However, agreements between the probation officer and the offender being supervised may also be part of the report.

If a criminal who has been sentenced to a suspended sentence violates the conditions or instructions of the court in a persistent or serious manner, this may In the worst case, revoke the suspended sentence (Section 56f of the Criminal Code). The perpetrator must then serve the imposed prison sentence in a prison.

Full-time and voluntary probation officers: job or calling?

The court determines who will ultimately be used as probation officer for the convicted offender. The designated helper is subordinate to this - so he must Follow the instructions of the court and is opposite to him subject to disclosure.

Furthermore: Probation officers must adhere to the duty of confidentiality towards third parties. You are therefore not allowed to pass on personal or private information of the perpetrator to others, nor to transmit data relating to the criminal offenses committed. There is no obligation to maintain secrecy vis-à-vis the appealing court!

There are in every federal state both full-time and voluntary probation officersdedicated to the support and reintegration of offenders. Since it is a comparatively sensitive area of ​​activity, in which a lot of human knowledge and social commitment are required, there is usually one in all federal states Degree in social education Requirement for employment.

Special Trainingthat are adapted to the special requirements of the probation service take place after employment or appeal by the competent higher regional court.

Probation officer by profession? There is no vocational training for this. As a rule, people who are appointed as probation officers or who are committed to this come from the social sector and have corresponding degrees. Most of the employees in the probation department are Officials in the judicial service.
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Probation Officer: What are his duties and responsibilities?
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