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Additional tones for the warning AppNINA

The siren tone can be downloaded and set up directly via the app. BBK.

You can download the siren tone known from previous versions directly in the settings of the warning app NINA. Tapping the button will save the sound in the correct folder (see below) on your device. You can then select it in the settings of the operating system for the notifications of the app as a signal tone for push notifications in the event of incoming warning messages.

Download from this page

Alternatively, you can get the previously known warning tone (warning siren) of the Warning AppNINA under the following link. The other warning tones will be made available for download at a later date.

Download NINA warning siren

Instructions for downloading from PC to your smartphone:

Right-click on the link shown above. Then a menu appears in which you select "save as". To transfer the sound from your PC to your smartphone, connect it to your PC with a cable. Information on transfer can be found in the operating instructions for your smartphone. Make sure you put the file in the correct folder.

Installation note:

It is important that the ringtone is moved to the correct folder for notifications according to the smartphone manufacturer, otherwise your smartphone will not recognize the notification tone - this may be a different folder depending on the manufacturer. Once the file is in the correct folder, you can select it. To do this, call up the additional notification settings via the NINA warning app (Settings -> respective warning level -> Additional notification settings) and navigate to the desired channel. There tap on the tone selection. Usually you will be shown a list of the operating system ringtones. Clicking on the plus sign opens a list of all available music files. These instructions may differ depending on the manufacturer.

The sound "warning siren" of the warning AppNINA is protected by copyright. The sound may not be used commercially, changed, misused or distorted in its meaning.