How do I build a tube amplifier

Build a simple tube amplifier yourself

Hello dear forum!

After having worked a while with the construction of effects devices and familiarized myself a little with the basics of music electronics, it is now time to build my own amplifier for the first time!

I have already looked around the www a little and thought about what the amplifier can and should have.
The result is the following:

The amplifier
- should have about 5 - 10 watts
- must be single-channel
- should be Class A if possible
- Must have enough clean headroom, so it must not go into output stage overdrive when turning up the gain potentiometer
- should have a gain and a master controller
- should have a tone stack that can also be modified (I will definitely add a Baxandall tone control)
- should have a loop-in path for effects (or it must be possible to add one)
- should still have a recording out

Since this is my first amplifier project, detailed building instructions with a layout would be an advantage. Complete kits would of course be best for this, but I would like to choose the parts myself (just because it's fun ).

As I said, I have already looked around a little on various sites and so far I have come across 6 amplifier projects (four of them on Tube Town) that would be suitable for me:

AX84 P1:
Madamp J5Mk1:
Valve Junior:
G5 Amp:

Has anyone had any experience with one or more of these amp projects?
Which of these amplifiers would you recommend?
Are there any other similar amplifier projects that would be suitable for me?

Greetings, Marc