What defines a high-quality confidential waste container

1Litter bin inside Split Amega Quattro Lido Myron Cube Paxa Paxa Vario Litter bins, waste separation systems and safety bins for indoor use
Whether in offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, shopping centers and retail, in trade fairs and event halls, in local and long-distance traffic: all these places not only have to be kept clean and efficiently designed, they are also an expression of identity and have social and cultural functions in addition to economic. Everywhere you come across our litter bins, Deze link leidt naar een other pagina op deze website Trash cans, wastebaskets, waste separation systems, cigarette ashtrays, plant containers, bowls or vases. Together with architects, planners and designers, we find individual solutions that match your appearance and support the character of the room. For a natural room quality you will find many solutions for interior greening at Lune, which let the boundary between outside and inside become fluid and which fit into any interior. Do you have interest? Contact us by email or give us a call on +49 (0) 2762 987 765-0
2 Waste separators make it easier to sort waste and are available online at low prices
Waste separation is an important issue that affects households and businesses alike. If you want to do something for sustainability, we recommend our recycling stations for the office and our other waste separators. From paper to plastic to coffee grounds, you can sort all waste with our products and thus make a major contribution to environmental protection. In this process you can integrate all employees and be creative together. Customer-oriented work is important to us, which is why we provide you with different systems that meet your requirements. You can contact us at any time with questions and concerns - we will advise you individually and extensively.
3The waste separator and its advantages
By using our separation systems, you reduce the amount of residual waste, which you yourself contribute to reducing costs. In addition, you are actively committed to the protection of natural resources when you separate recyclable materials. You also benefit from the recycling of the materials and reimbursement of costs. If you use our Deze link leidt naar een other pagina op deze website recycling stations in the Deze link leidt naar een other pagina op deze website office, you automatically increase the environmental awareness of your employees. Many employees will be motivated by this. In addition, you reduce the proportion of CO2 and create the generation advantage. Overall, you create a positive atmosphere and environmentally conscious environment. So that you can pursue these goals in your company, you will find waste separators on our website that are adapted to your needs.
4 Waste separators for your company
Order and cleanliness not only make you more comfortable, but are mandatory in most companies. Regardless of whether you work in the restaurant business, work in the hospital or earn your money in the mall - a waste separator is advisable everywhere. We employ architects, planners and designers who are competent and have individual solutions ready. Premises differ in construction and furnishings, so choosing the right recycling station for an office is important. After all, the right equipment is essential for a high level of comfort and sets the course for a high feel-good factor.
5 recycling stations in the office - practical and visually appealing
Our waste separators, such as the Split model, are both space-saving and versatile at the same time. The various openings can be used for three to four fractions. Plain and colored insertions are available. The Amega Quattro, which has inner containers, gas pressure springs and adjustable feet, is just as appealing. Depending on the type, you can use different amounts of volume. Cube, a simple square container for your work and living area, also offers individual coverings. In our online shop you will find other interesting offers that meet your needs. From classic waste separators to recycling stations for the office, you can get a wide range of waste separators from us. We guarantee high quality for our offers, which guarantees you long-term usability of the containers.
6Quality in material and usability
First and foremost, our recycling stations for the office and at home are designed for high benefits. Waste separation and recycling is important and can be very simple. With our Lune separation systems, you have the option of separating waste easily and effectively. Different throws indicate the type of garbage to be thrown in. Furthermore, our waste separators are characterized by an attractive appearance. We offer metal and plastic containers that are characterized by resistance and stability. Diversity is another aspect that aptly describes our recycling stations for the office and private. For indoor use, we provide space-saving copies for you to purchase; there are large-scale partition systems for the outside. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation.