What is the unexpectedly sad film

Movies that make you cry

The sea full of tears in "Titanic"

Probably the best-known film, which is based on a real event and hardly leaves an eye dry, is the story of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. The romance between Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) seems so unbelievable that you want nothing more than that the Titanic doesn't go under this time ... In keeping with the sea, some tears flow on "Titanic".

Destiny is a lousy traitor

No sooner do you make plans than fate comes. Unfortunately, fate cannot be controlled. Hazel and Augustus, both teenage cancer patients, have to experience this firsthand. The two make plans for the coming weeks, but know that their future together won't be too long. “Fate is a lousy traitor” - a film that makes you sob.

By the life of my sister

Sad sister affair. The film “When My Sister's Life” is also about a young person who is seriously ill with cancer and who can only be helped by her artificially created sister. But at some point she is tired of always serving as a "spare parts store" ...

Love forever

True love can be so sad. Fate also thwarted Paige and Leo in "Forever Love". After a car accident, Paige wakes up from a coma and can't remember anything. Not even because she is married and once loved Leo so incredibly ...

P.S. I love you

In the film “P.S. I love you ”, so many people could cry through from beginning to end. Hollys' husband dies of a brain tumor and leaves his wife letters that gradually reach her ... An incredibly sad story about true love. P.S. Pack handkerchiefs.

If i stay

“If I stay” is a film in which everything turns out differently than planned. The only thing that goes right are the tears, and that huge! Mia has a serious car accident and she falls into a coma ... She wakes up in an in-between world and has to decide what to do with her life.

The house by the sea

George learns that he has cancer and wants to fulfill the last dream of his life. In the film “Das Haus am Meer” building a house welds a family back together, although they have no idea of ​​the father's fate.

Like a single day

Allie falls in love with a country boy. But this love is not right for her parents, because they come from a rich, well-bred home. The two are separated and only see each other again after years - but Allie is already engaged ... In the movie "Like a single day" some tears roll down your cheeks.

Love, Rosie - forever maybe

The film "Love, Rosie - Forever Maybe" is about true love, even from childhood. Apparently Rosie and Alex discover too late that it was more than just friendship for both of them over the years. But they are already given to others ...


The film “Atonement” is also about great emotions. Misunderstandings and betrayal bring a young couple in love apart, whereupon the two have to fight for their love ...


This film will probably not leave any animal lover dry eyes. The super cute dog named Hachiko is taken in by a professor. The dog soon accompanies its owner to the train station in the morning when he drives to work and waits there until his master comes back from work. But the professor dies unexpectedly and Hachiko waits in vain ...

Marley & me

Another film for dog lovers is the touching family film "Marley & Me". You can't see enough of the film in which the lively Labrador stirs up the family life of John and Jenny. But then something tragic happens ...


Another film in the series of sad animal films is the Disney classic "Bambi". The cartoon is based on a book published in 1923. The main character of the story is Bambi, who after a carefree childhood has to get to know the deadly dangers of life ...

The Lion King

And the next Disney film in which the tears roll down is "The Lion King". One would like to jump into the film and help Simba ... But he has to fight his way through life on his own.

I am Legend

When Will Smith's dog is killed in the movie "I am Legend", some people find it difficult not to cry. Because he was the only friend of the last person on earth ... From now on he is all alone.

Hunger Games

Of course, our eyes did not remain dry at the "Hunger Games" either. At the latest when the mocking boobies whistle and Katniss sticks her hand in the air, tears roll down her cheeks.


The story in the film “Blindside” is also touching. So far Michael has spent his whole life in homes, but then he is taken in by a lovable family and confronted with solidarity and love, which was unknown to him.

Life is Beautiful

The whole thing is a game, my son! "Life is beautiful" is the name of the tragic comedy that takes place during the Second World War. And this is exactly the sentence that the captured young family has to tell themselves over and over again while they sit in a concentration camp and are confronted with a cruel everyday life. Then the father is also shot ...