Are public gardens important in China?

The Chinese Garden, e.V.

A special treasure in the Botanical Garden is the Qian Yuan Chinese Garden, built in 1990, a classic southern Chinese scholar's garden, a gift from our partner university, Tongji University in Shanghai.

When the sensitive building was badly damaged by the weather after just a few years, our association is The Chinese Garden, e.V. was founded in 2000 to prevent an impending demolition and to collect donations for the renovation. Even after the garden reopened in October 2001, the association continued to exist and pursues two important purposes:

  • to supervise the building structure of the Chinese Garden and to organize and co-finance necessary repairs and maintenance measures after consultation and in cooperation with the Botanical Garden;
  • Promote the Chinese Garden and its concerns to the public through guided tours and other cultural events.


Due to the rapid increase in coronavirus cases and the measures decided by the government, the closure of the Botanical Garden and thus of the Chinese Garden extended until further notice become. When the Chinese garden can be visited again depends on the further development. We will inform you here as soon as it is clear when the garden will be accessible again.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we unfortunately had to forego our usual program of public tours in 2020. We hope, however, that we will be able to offer guided tours in the usual scope and style again in the course of this year. As soon as we can say more details, you will find an announcement here.


Our leaflet about the Chinese Garden and the Association was last updated in 2014. You can download it below and either read it directly on your screen or print it out on both sides of A4 paper and fold it in thirds parallel to the shorter side to keep the leaflet in its original form.

For data protection reasons, the membership form in the brochure is no longer valid. If you want to join the association (which we would be very happy about), please download the current version from the link in the right column.