What is a 5D glass

cofi1453® 5D protective glass compatible with SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 (A515F) Curved armor film, fully adhesive and cover

SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 (A515F) 5D Curved Armored Protective Glass Full-surface adhesive 9H Tempered Glass Product Description:

5D function:
In contrast to conventional 3D glasses, the 5D glasses stick over the entire surface of the display and not just on the sides.
The glasses are manufactured using the latest technology.

Case Friendly:
The 5D glass covers the entire display, including the curved display edges.
The protective glass is slightly smaller on the sides than the display, so you can combine any cover with the 5D glass.
This ensures that no resolutions occur at the edges of the display when using a cell phone case.
Thanks to the special silicone coating, the glass can be attached precisely and without the formation of bubbles.

High scratch resistance:
Tempered glass with a high degree of hardness 9H. Protects the display from bumps and falls.
The splinter protection ensures that no splinters are created if the protective glass breaks.

Extremely thin / transparent
Extremely thin 0.3mm material thickness. Use of the touch function without impairment.
Protective glass is hardly visible due to its high transparency and thin material.

Scope of delivery:

1x cofi1453® 9H protective glass 5D for SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 (A515F) microfiber cloth for cleaning the display