Can policemen hurt people?


The offense of Mayhem criminalizes damage to a person's health. The Damage to health, both physical and psychological injuries include.

Bodily harm offenses can take place in all conceivable situations and circumstances. Often they happen in the social environment, in these cases one speaks of "domestic violence".

When the perpetrator is committed, exposure to alcohol often plays a role.
Overall, bodily harm offenses have a high clearance rate. This is probably due to the fact that the perpetrator and the victim know each other or face each other in open confrontation during the execution of the crime.

However, the police assume that many cases will not be reported because the crimes of bodily harm are underestimated or viewed as a private matter. In particular, willful bodily harm committed by children and adolescents is only perceived as a criminal offense with increasing age and is then reported.

Victims often experience violence as a serious interference with their personality, which - in addition to physical injuries - can also trigger fears or even significant traumatic impairments. Below is some information about what you should know as a victim of a personal injury crime.