How good is Azure

Microsoft Azure in a 30-day test

Azure in the test - a conclusion

The possibility of simply making cloud and SaaS offers available for testing via browser is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of this technology. Microsoft uses these possibilities and provides services such as Windows Intune and Azure for extensive testing. However, the options available under Azure are so diverse that the 30 days, which initially appear to be so long, are not really sufficient to try out all aspects. Overall, however, this is a fair offer, since a user can certainly do something with the available 150 euros.

We particularly liked how quickly and easily, for example, a complete server can be created and put into operation in a virtual machine. Of course, an IT professional can usually start up a test server in a virtual machine at least as quickly - but he not only needs an image or medium with the system to be installed, but also a valid license and a computer with the corresponding one Virtualization software as well as a test network and other resources.

In connection with the documentation, which is also available online, an IT professional or a developer can quickly familiarize themselves with the basics of cloud computing with Azure. However, during the test phase it also became apparent that the platform is still in constant change: Perhaps a click on a link for the documentation only led to the English-language or "mixed-language" pages, but this did not detract from their information content. Often it also helped to replace the "/ en-us" part in the link in the browser's address line with "/ de-de /" in order to then get to the German-language help pages. The preview of the new portal (in the newer "Look & Feel") also changed a little during the test phase, but was always clearly marked as "Preview". (mje)