What is BF3

Legal requirements

BF2 or BF3 is an abbreviation and stands for “second or third generation escort vehicles”.

These vehicles are required to secure heavy and large-capacity transports that are on the way in the Federal Republic of Germany.

For BF2 vehicles it is sufficient if they are equipped with rotating beacons and a radio (for communication between transport and support vehicle) as well as a telephone. This is the simplest variant of transport escort and protection.

BF3 vehicles, on the other hand, are much more extensively equipped. The equipment in these vehicles is based on the RGST 1992 (guidelines for heavy and large-capacity transport).

The approval authorities determine which support vehicle variant is required for the transport before each transport.

These BF3 vehicles must be equipped as follows:

  • Variable message sign system (VMS system), foldable as a roof or rear attachment for rearward emission of the STVO signs 101 - 276 - 277 with integrated lights for yellow flashing or flashlight
  • Red - white hatched, retroreflective vehicle enclosing the VMS system - rear front in type 2 film
  • 1 control panel for the operation of the VMS system by the drivers of the escort vehicle with feedback on the functions and the functionality of the system, whereby the circuit itself must include switching between main and secondary lamps, a twilight switch and automatic mutilation
  • Foldable or removable sign with the imprint “Heavy Transport” (black writing on a white background), which must be placed below the window
  • 2 beacons for yellow flashing lights (rotating beacons) according to §52 section 4 StVZO
  • Mobile phone (either in the support vehicle or in heavy or large-capacity transport)
  • 1 radio plus an additional handheld radio
  • 5 traffic cones - signs according to §610 STVO (Lübeck hats)
  • 4 strobe lights acting on both sides
  • 4 stand traffic signs 101 (STVO), edge length 600mm
  • 2 warning flags red and white
  • 1 safety vest
  • 1 fire extinguisher ABC 6kg
  • 1 height measuring device
  • 1 tape measure (at least 20 meters scale / graduation)

The driver of a BF3 vehicle must be in possession of a valid authorization card, which he receives from the BSK (Federal Specialist Group Heavy Transport and Crane Work) after participating in a 2-day course and which is valid for a period of 2 years. After the 2 years have expired, the ID card must be extended by the BSK, whereby one must attend a 1-day follow-up training course.

The exact guidelines for BF3 vehicles can also be found in the course book of the BSK (Federal Specialist Group Heavy Transport and Crane Work) that you receive from the BF3 course, as well as in the RGST 1992 (available from Verkehrsblatt Verlag).