What is the Windows 10 download link

Download Windows 10 disk image (ISO file)

With a trick you can find the latest version of the operating system on the Windows 10 download page also download directly as an ISO file.

At first glance, Microsoft does not offer any option for normal home users to download a Windows 10 ISO file from a website, with the exception of the evaluation version of Windows 10 Enterprise. But there is still a trick.

1. Download Windows 10 from the Windows 10 download website

Microsoft does not provide a link for a Windows 10 ISO file for download on the official Windows 10 download page. You will only find the link for the there Update wizard for updating an existing Windows 10 as well as a link for the Media Creation Tool, which is able to download an ISO file from the current Windows 10, but is not absolutely necessary.

Surf the site with a different operating system like Linux or an Apple system, the download options change. Microsoft is now redirecting to the website https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows10ISO and suddenly offers the direct download of an ISO file in the Edition selection field.

Download Windows 10 disk image (ISO file)

2. Download the ISO image with Microsoft Edge

To get to this website you can Microsoft Edge use. Start the browser and go to the Windows 10 download page. Now press the F12 key, those who Developer tools opens. Click on the icon with the down arrow and select "Emulation". In the Mode section you can now use the User agent on Apple Safari (iPad) to change.

Change user agent

This will cause the browser to reload the page and Microsoft to redirect you to download the ISO files.

3. Download the ISO image with other browsers

You can also download the ISO image of Windows 10 with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.To do this, you have to change the UserAgent in the browser as described in these instructions.

4. Burn the ISO image or transfer it to a USB stick

You can use the Windows context menu to burn such an ISO file directly as a data carrier image on DVD, so that you can create a bootable USB stick or for other purposes, for example as a virtual DVD drive in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Player.

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Download Windows 10 disk image (ISO file)
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