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Internship search: How to find a place

At least one internship should be on every resume these days. A compulsory student internship at school, an internship in addition to studying or as preparation for the job and to gain important professional experience - at some point everyone is an intern. Before the position can be started, however, many face the problem of Internship search. The internship should meet your expectations and ideally be with an employer who does well in subsequent applications or who you can even join directly if you are subsequently looking for a job. We'll show you what the Looking for an internship depends on how you should approach them and what options you have to find a suitable position for yourself ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Internship search: Find out what you want

I need an internship - Anyone who thinks so, usually immediately rushes into the search, looks for offers or asks potential employers whether they are currently offering positions to interns. You shouldn't be that fast, however, because before you actually start your search, you should take some time to find out Analysis and self-reflection to take.

The upcoming internship is not yet a permanent position, but you should still ask yourself which internship really suits you and is made for your situation. The focus is on Selection of industry and company. Decisive for this are your strengths, interests and professional goals.

If you already know exactly in which area you want to do your internship, there is further aspectsTo Worry About:

  • Internship search: How long does the position last?

    The duration of internship positions can differ significantly from one another. Sometimes the collaboration only lasts two weeks, sometimes six months and even an annual internship is possible. You must take this factor into account in your search, as, for example, only the semester break is available for a full-time internship during your studies.

  • Internship search: At which location is the internship?

    With a bit of luck, you can find a suitable job in your place of residence, but that doesn't always work out. Think about whether you can commute to the location or whether it may be necessary to find cheap accommodation or a room to sublet for the duration of the internship.

  • Internship Search: Are You Paid For Your Work?

    Although the minimum wage also applies to interns, there are many exceptions. You should therefore determine in advance whether you are looking for a paid internship in any case or whether you can forego a salary if all other factors are right and match your ideas.

  • Internship search: What are your goals?

    Would you like to gain work experience, make contacts or get your foot in the door of an employer? Before you start looking for a specific place, you should clarify for yourself which goals you are pursuing with the internship.

Find information about companies and internship positions

When looking for an internship, you should research as much information as possible about companies that might be of interest to you. This will help you make a good decision or possibly yourself to decide against an employerif you find mainly negative reviews of this one.

One option is to meet friends, colleagues or Contacts from your professional network to ask whether they have already had experience with a company. Here you can find out firsthand how interns are dealt with - because unfortunately not every internship brings the hoped-for insights into the work and offers the opportunity to learn something new.

Also take a look around the Internet, there are numerous here Information and reviews from employers. Although you shouldn't make your decision solely based on it, they can complement your picture and provide clues.

Internship search: ways to find an internship

Like job hunting, finding an internship can be long and arduous. If you are looking for an internship and have not yet found a suitable position, there are various ways you can find an internship:

  • Make use of relationships

    Internships are not only awarded through applications and selection processes, but often also through relationships and contacts. This is especially true for a student internship. If a friend or family member works for a company where you would like to do an internship, you have come a step closer to the place.

  • Look on internship fairs

    In addition to the well-known job exchanges, there are also some special internship exchanges that focus particularly on finding internships. You will find numerous job offers and information on the Internet - and you can often apply for an internship directly via the website. A big advantage is that you can filter the offers and only see jobs that match your search.

    We have listed some internship exchanges for you, where you can take a look around:

    You can of course also search for internships on other job exchanges. Here is a small selection:

    Also on our job exchange Karrieresprung.de there are numerous internship positions

    To the job exchange

  • Look on the homepage of companies

    Have you already considered a specific company where you would like to do your internship? Then you can look around directly on the homepage. Most employers publish vacancies - and internships too - on their website. If there is no information to be found there, you can call the company, if possible directly to the HR department. Inquire whether positions are currently being offered to interns and - if not - when will internship positions be available again.

  • Visit career fairs

    Throughout the year there are numerous career and job fairs (here you can find our job fairs calendar) where employers introduce themselves and where you have the opportunity to come into direct contact with company representatives. Take your documents with you, start a conversation and find out whether there is an opportunity for an internship.

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