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Did you know that badgers dig long tunnels underground with their powerful paws? More in the profile!

The dormouse is a really cute rodent! Soon he will wake up from his well-deserved hibernation!

Wood dung beetle
The small, hard-working forest dung beetles are currently not only easy to spot, but can even be heard! Click here for the profile.

Ladybugs are red and have black spots. Think! There are also yellow ones or those without points!

When the bees are still in hibernation, the bumblebees get on their socks and fly to the first flowers.

In spring the hedgehogs wake up from hibernation. Did you know that there are 24 different species of hedgehogs?

Toad migration
Every spring, frogs and toads wake up from the rigor and set off. But where actually and why?

brown bear
Can brown bears climb? Do you hibernate or hibernate? What are they eating? Are they dangerous?

Black bear
Are all black bears black? What do black bears eat? Can you climb Where do you live?

Which are they most beautiful animals in the world? With all of them pretty birds, cute mammals, colorful reptiles and colorful amphibians this would undoubtedly have to be much more than just 24.

The following animals especially enchant us with her nice fur, you pretty plumage, your great colors and your magical appearance. How do you like them

Here you can find the 24 most beautiful animals in the world

Whale Shark - Photo: Mircea BEZERGHEANU / Shutterstock

Directly to the individual animals via these links:

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Animal honor days

World Turtle Day - 05/23/21
Learn more about Aldabra, Galápagos, Alligator or Hawksbill turtles. Or about unusual turtles.

Hug-your-cat "day - 06/04/21
You have to love cats! And on this day, the Fellbeiners can be petted and hugged. Surf tip: Cats wanted posters

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