How is the JBL FreeEx bluetooth headset

JBL Free X

The Free X are ergonomically shaped, angled and come with a selection of earplugs and two variants of gel pads. These favor a secure hold in the ear so that the headphones do not fall out even with faster, jerky movements. At the same time, a good wearing comfort is achieved, which lasts for longer periods of time, especially since the in-ears with their low weight of 7 grams per side are hardly noticed. Another advantage is that the Free X nestles well and does not protrude far, which means that they can easily be placed under a hat without creating pressure problems. The visual appearance while wearing is rather simple and discreet, whereby the design of the in-ears also corresponds to fashion-conscious demands. It is of practical use that the water-repellent properties of the robust and well-made-looking system simplify care and cleaning. Especially since there is also protection against weather-related moisture.

Battery life

The energy supply of the Free X is based on fast-charging lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 85 mAh, which provide a runtime of up to four hours. This is increased by the accompanying transport case, which serves as a charging station and has an additional capacity of 1,500 mAh, to up to 24 hours. If the battery of the in-ears is empty, the quick charge function can be used, which enables the Bluetooth headphones to be used for one hour after 15 minutes. A full charge, on the other hand, takes up to two hours. In view of the handy case format and a low total weight of 99 grams, the coherent concept offers a considerable operating time. Like the in-ears themselves, the case is primarily made of plastic, but it also appears well-made and sufficiently stable. A short USB charging cable for the case is included.

Bluetooth connection

The wireless system supports the Bluetooth 4.2 standard and, in a practical test with various Android and iOS devices, offered ranges of up to twelve meters with good stability. The in-ears are automatically coupled when they are removed from the transport case. The headphones are switched on and put directly into pairing mode, while they are switched off again as soon as they are in the charging device. Alternatively, switching on and off and coupling can also be carried out manually by pressing and holding the button integrated into the surface. Please note, however, that the connection to the Bluetooth transmitter is only established via the right headphones, which is why these should first be switched on and put into pairing mode. The left side automatically connects to the right side.

Device control

The buttons on the in-ears also serve to control device functions and are haptically perceptible thanks to their surround. While playback is started and stopped and phone calls can be accepted via the right side, title navigation is possible using the left button. You can jump forwards with a simple press and jump back with a double-click, which works well in practice. It is also helpful that the transport box contains information on remote control in the form of small symbols so that the button assignment can be seen directly. The disadvantage, however, is that the in-ears do not have a volume control and this has to be done via the device. When making a phone call, the Free X automatically switch to a so-called mono playback mode via the right ear bud, which initially seems to take some getting used to. However, it is positive that the shielding from the outside world can be lifted, especially during longer phone calls, by using only one in-ear.


The extended frequency response of the in-ears from 10 - 22,000 Hz offers powerful bass that extends into the deep bass range and an appealingly clear, airy sound image with no noticeable drop in the highs. Overall, the sound appears harmonious and round, has a warm sound character and, in view of the existing bass foundation, is also great for listening to hip-hop, R’n‘B and electronic music. Since the mids and highs are not dominated by the well-defined bass and a spacious stage is provided, there is great flexibility in terms of style. The profession of Free X also includes alternative and rock, pop, soul as well as jazz and classical music. In this respect, the system is ideal as an all-rounder with a convincing sound quality, which also has no low output.