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Adolescent medicine

Youngsters are different!

In the phase between being a child and growing up, body and soul change, but so do social bonds. In his practice, the adolescent doctor not only looks after acutely and chronically ill young people, but also has to do educational work.

The doctor faces a variety of questions, e.g .:
• How do I talk to young people?
• How do I deal with foreign patients?
• What does education really mean?
• What problems do young people with disabilities have?

The book supports you in everyday practice with, among other things:
• Chronic illnesses
• puberty problems
• Gynecological and urological issues
• Eating disorder
• Psychosomatic illnesses
• Addiction and addictive behavior
• Health care

Helpful in the service part:
• Checklists and forms
• Addresses of networks and self-help groups
... and much more!

Written clearly, clearly structured, with numerous overviews, tables and valuable tips, you will receive a comprehensive work for your everyday practice:
Expert advice with knowledge!


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  • Bernhard Bull
  • Nikolaus Weissenrieder
  1. 1. Butzbach
  2. 2. Munich

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