Can Viagra be prescribed online

Can you buy Viagra legally online?

Last updated: May 2021

What many patients don't know is: yes! It is possible to obtain a legal prescription for Viagra online without having to physically see a doctor. Why this is so is due to the fact that it is legal in the UK to prescribe Viagra online through so-called online clinics.

And since Great Britain is still in the EU, German citizens are also allowed to use online clinics such as Use B 121doc. Enclosed you will find a list of medications that you can have online prescription for at 121doc:

Potency test pack

Trial pack with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra - prescription incl.

Sildenafil 50 mg + Tadalafil 10 mg + Vardenafil 10 mg:

  • Test pack from € 169.95
  • Contents: 4 tablets per active ingredient


Active ingredient: Sildenafil - Pfizer sexual enhancer

Dosage 25 mg:

  • 4 tablets: from 110 €
  • 8 tablets: from 210 €
  • 12 tablets: from € 306
  • 16 tablets: from 400 €
  • 32 tablets: from € 784

Dosage 25 mg:

  • 4 tablets: from 55 €
  • 8 tablets: from € 84
  • 12 tablets: from € 110
  • 16 tablets: from 140 €
  • 32 tablets: from € 239

Sildenafil Ratiopharm

Generic Viagra
Manufactured by Ratiopharm (Germany)

See provider website


Active ingredient Tadalafil - the best-known Viagra alternative from Lilly Pharma

Dosage 10 mg:

  • 4 tablets: from 120 €
  • 8 tablets: from € 220
  • 12 tablets: from 315 €
  • 16 tablets: from € 412
  • 32 tablets: from € 800

Dosage 10 mg:

  • 4 tablets: from 70 €
  • 8 tablets: from 120 €
  • 12 tablets: from € 165
  • 16 tablets: from € 205
  • 32 tablets: from 400 €


Active ingredient: Vardenafil - manufactured by BAYER

Vardenafil Generic Prices 10 mg Dosage:

  • 4 tablets: from 70 €
  • 8 tablets: from 120 €
  • 12 tablets: from € 165
  • 16 tablets: from € 205


Active ingredient: Avanafil - manufactured by Berlin-Chemie Menarini

Dosage 50 mg:

  • 4 tablets: from 90 €
  • 8 tablets: from € 165
  • 12 tablets: from 230 €
  • 16 tablets: from € 285
  • 32 tablets: from 490 €

This is how the legal online prescription of Viagra works

1. Select a legal online clinic

To get a legal prescription for Viagra, the first step is to opt for a state-approved and certified online clinic. These include

Tip: This seal will tell you if it is a UK approved and certified online clinic:

2. Complete the questionnaire truthfully

In the next step you will fill out a questionnaire about your current state of health. The possible answers are given in the form of multiple-choice questions so that a doctor can evaluate the results quickly.

3. Select drug

After answering the questions, a list of drugs and price information appears, from which you can choose the drug you want. For example, Viagra will then also be listed there, provided your answers allow you to prescribe Viagra. Different pack sizes and possibly different dosages can also be selected.

4. Medication is prescribed or refused

In the last step, you will then receive an email from the doctor as to whether you will receive your medication or not. Unless medically speaking against it, your medication will be sent to your home in discreet packaging within 2-3 days.

How does it look after Brexit?

121doc and the other online clinics mentioned above are based in England. As long as the UK has not completed Brexit, using providers like 121doc is a perfectly legal way to get a Viagra prescription online. Things may look different after Brexit.

Depending on the agreement between Great Britain and the EU, the directive or a corresponding replacement for patient mobility with British online practices will no longer apply. For German patients this means that they can no longer rely on the services of online clinics.

Beware of dubious offers on the net

Even if Brexit is over at some point, you should by no means resort to dubious providers on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are many online shops where you can even order Viagra and generic Viagra without a prescription. However, many of these drugs are purely counterfeit.

You are even liable to prosecution if you import such drugs from outside the EU. The even bigger problem is the health risk that you run by taking such drugs.

These drugs are often manufactured under very difficult conditions, so contamination with heavy metals, for example, is not uncommon. Heavy metals lead to symptoms of poisoning, which have severe health consequences.

Cheap additives and incorrect dosages can cause other problems. The former trigger allergic reactions more easily and the latter lead to stronger side effects more quickly if the dosage is too high.

Tip: Generic Viagra from Stada

We of the impotence self-help can honestly in times of online clinics like 121doc not understand why men are still illegally ordering Viagra online. In addition, there are now numerous Viagra generics on the market that are significantly cheaper than the original. Above all the pharmaceutical giant STADA from Germany. STADA was one of the first pharmaceutical groups to put a generic drug for Viagra on the market.

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