Who was born first to Buddha or Krishna

About Krishna

The "Hare Krishna" is often referred to as the Maha mantra. Here is a story of Krishna's generosity and kindness.

Sudama was a childhood friend of Sri Krishna. They were both taught by the same teacher.

Sudama never sought worldly attainments; it was only important to him to surrender to God. He loved Krishna with all his heart and with all his soul. Sudama was a Brahmin who knew the Vedas very well. He had complete control of his senses and was always peaceful. As a housekeeper, he relied entirely on God to support his family.

This attitude put pressure on his wife and children, who lived in the clutches of poverty. Discouraged, Sudama's wife sent him to Krishna in the hope that he would help them out of poverty. They had nothing to offer Krishna. But Sudama's wife was determined; she remembered that Krishna liked to eat rice flakes. She borrowed a handful from her neighbor and gave it to Sudama as a gift for Krishna.

Sri Krishna welcomed Sudama. Although he was now king, he remembered his childhood friend well. He hugged Sudama lovingly and asked for the gift that his wife had sent. When he enjoyed it, he said, "I prefer every gift given with love to the greatest one given without love." After spending a few blissful days with the Lord, Sudama returned home with sweet memories of the time spent with Krishna.

In his devotion, Sudama even forgot to mention his poverty. When he returned home, however, he found a stately home instead of his little hut. Krishna blessed his family with prosperity without Sudama having to ask for it. The thoroughly compassionate Krishna poured out his love and help on the humble Sudama and his wife because of his utter devotion and flawless devotion.

In the Bagavad Gita Krishna says: "Even a leaf, a flower or water are dear to me if they are offered with real love and devotion."